This is where the timeline is...Just like a summary of stuff.

22nd of March
  • Escape Departure from Australia
  • Tokyo Orientation Camp
26th of March
  • I go to my first host family.(two parents and 8 y.o brother)
to be continued~~~~

Okay, then.
Starting over.

18th-Left Australia, family and friends behind to begin my journey 
19th-In the wee hours of the morning I was in Hong Kong, after a terrible and sickening flight.
Met of with other Aussies AFSers.

Traveled together to Tokyo.
Arrived probably around noonish.
Stayed in a fancy hotel.
Met other AFSers from around the world.
20th-Got up really really early and got spilt in different direction. A rather abrupt  farewell to people I might never meet again who go to Osaka or Nagoya regions.
With the Tokyo Region People, we went to middle school and learnt stuff and got separated into groups according to countries. I was group 1 with the Aussies and Kiwis.
Then set of again for a new hotel...this time with individual rooms, pretty dang sweet.
21st- I sung at a talent show. No marks given and no judging but I was very nervous as I was meant to be first but I forgot the 2nd verse and had to got near the end! Haha.

Final Farewell to Tokyo region people, and people going to Hokkaido went off on to the airport.
Sat next to Francisco on the plane, unknowning that he would be one of my closest friends.
Met host family.
Went for Sushi.
Went home.

25th -AFS Day in Hokkaido!
Everyone from Hokkaido met up!

It was pretty damn awesome.
But had a really boring discussion thing happen. No offense.

20th-Josephs Birthday!
21st-Special class visit at an elementry school. Mai-chan Daisuki!
27th- Went to Asahikawa for a discussion conference about discrimination against women- looking at the difference of countries and what not. Fun.
30th- Halloween Party.. with little kiddies.

3th- Japan's Culture Day, went to Nakajima park, Nijo Fish Market, Ate ramen.
5th- Sapporo Symphony Orchestra Concert @ Kitara.
12th- Kodomo Wonderland @ Rifure gym with Rotary Kids,
13th-Changed Host family!
24th Elementry School Visit.

8th-My Birthday!


2nd- Leave Hokkaido.