I obvs did a great job on protecting identities~
(Eito (a.k.a. Hachi), my brother Pat, Shuto, and me.
This was taken on the last day of their 1 week exchange.
I want to meet up with them again and I want to give them hugs because  within a week, we were like sibilings and I miss them. Crazy kids :)
Check out the big sloppy joe haha. It's actually my bros cuz I lost all my jumpers.
Shuto likes touching my brothers tummy xD

This is my adorable ugly pug x french bulldog bitch.
So ugly it's beautiful.
She doesn't like photos much but usually when she is happy, she pants a lot with her xtremly long tounge and her ears are up like a bat.

still more stuff coming onto here....
its so nekkid :/