Friday, January 13, 2012

Igloos and whatnot.

I found an awesome igloo today!
I was really short with intricate tunnel.It probably was a bit weird ,for a teenage girl to randomly crawl in and take pictures but I'm not very normal anyway!♪
Went to Hassumu 's AEON and it was tiring and interesting.
Probably my favourite shop is SWEAT which isn't the best name in the world but it is really awesome!It has reasonably cheap stuff with excellent style.The thing with Japanese fashion is they take inspiration from foreign countries and make it nore extreme and less sex focused. By that I mean they rarely show cleavage and seldomly tight fitting.They aren't afraid to mix and match,use bold colours and it looks so good !!!
I really want to buy a cap now cuz before I looked terrible with my longer hair

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