Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nuclear Boy as the Fukushima Plant

It's great that they can give this light image to the tragic events.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Excuses

In the small chance that you noticed I don't blog here very often anymore, I'm extremely sorry.
My wonderful events has happened but other incidents took place too.
Being on exchange, is no holiday.
I knew that before coming here. I also learn to expect the unexpected.
However, I didn't expect to suck so much at being an exchange student.
I have my school, my host family and AFS having a bit of trouble with me.

I'm not such much drinking, smoking, hitch-hiking, taking drugs and lashing out at my host family.
I'm just too quiet.
Being too shy and quiet in real life, that's pretty okay.
As an exchange student, it could be misinterpreted as many, MANY, things.
For me, according to my current host family it means,
I'm rude (my timing for saying thank you and sorry are a bit rough and it is softly spoken),
I'm lying (I don't realize I was supposed to say something about stuff they want to hear thus I'm not lying but I'm not telling the truth either. I just didn't know I was supposed to bring it up),
I don't talk enough (it kinda hard to have a decent conversation when your my family is already grumpy and kinda completely hates me, a lot)
i don't smile enough (in such an miserable situation, how am I supposed to smile?)
I'm just so agonizingly introverted that they hate it.
I'm afraid of making mistakes, so I'm afraid of using Japanese in front of them. I am honestly using it, but mostly around people my own level of knowledge in speaking.
I admit with my first host family, I was a bit of a jerk but we ended on decently good terms. Or at least we were smiling falsely enough.

With my second host family, it just isn't a match and my host mum doesn't really like me in the first place.
I was uncomfortable from the very beginning.

I'm not saying I'm the weak victim here. I did a lot of crappy things too. However as a host family, they tend to feel more superior and yes, you are staying in THEIR home. You MUST beyond their rules. But can't they be a little more flexible, more adjusting with each different student? I'm quiet but my host mother talks pretty loudly comparatively. I'm just saying it as my opinion. Not everyone is the same. Everyone from AFS Japan say you must change yourself 100%. I'm pretty comfortably the way I am. I accept the good and the bad parts of me.
In fact I had a call from a staff member in Tokyo today saying over and over again, "You must PERFORM as a good student'.

In Japan, I didn't get to learn much about Japanese language or perhaps much of culture either since most of the time I had to take myself or ask friends out to experience new things. They don't go out with me unless it was related to AFS.
I didn't 'learn how to give myself a full transformation in a Japanese person'.

What I did learn was Japanese people, way of life and thinking though.
Although I respected and identified it, I didn't want to join it.

Through my experience here, I learnt:

1. Many Japanese person has two sides.
The Public side which is the typical expectations of every single Japanese person to be nice, polite and showing your good side to everyone. You must smile! It is honestly no option. You can even say it isn't a laughing matter of how much you must smile. They might hate your guts but they will smile. However in Private, they do whatever they want, be whoever they be. It is a really contrasting image.

2.  They tend to view in stereotypes.
For example, all white foreigners has blond hair, blue eyes and a pointy nose and probably doesn't understand anything. Japanese are immediatly impressed with foreigners saying simple greetings like "Konnichiwa, Watashi wa Tiffany desu".
All the Chinese and Koreans are here to mingle with Japanese society, pretending to be Japanese, kidnapping people to take back to their country.
All the gay people must act like women and be flamboyant and glamourous.
Every one of a specific label are just viewed as this one image, as a group, when everyone is different.
which leads to my next point.

3. They believe in working as a group and not standing out.
People who stand out get trimmed, or displined.
If you try to stand out a bit, you will be told to back down.
This can be shown in my school I guess. Everyone must have black hair, no piercings, and no make-up.
Sure, it is mostly a good thing those rules exist. Sorry, for influencing the youth, tomorrow's future, but aren't rules supposed to be broken and challenge, from time and time again? Teenagers means rebellion. Youths in  revolt.

4. In times of need, "Ganbatte".
Ganbatte is a great phrase. To say try your best and go for it.
However, It seems to be a bit over-used.
You have issues? Ganbatte!
You are homesick? Ganbatte!
You arn't picking up much Japanese? Ganbatte!
It's so frustrating when I go and ask for so real advice and suggestions.

I'm not being racist, i'm stating things that I see in a few people around here.
It is just that every country has good and bad parts.
All humans are the same.
We have good and bad personalities.
It's just that with the pristine image projected, Japanese have these high expectations of each other.
I think there is a special japanese mental illness that got to do with that. Something a rather.

Well, I hope you learn a little today.
Comment if you think I'm wrong or not.
Discuss away if you please.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I have quite busy having fun while I still can.
Just a fortnight left. 
So I went into Odori for some souvenier buying and to exchange a bit of money. 
So I hopped on the subway and I saw a tall slender white guy.
 At this point in my exchange Im not particularly interested in foreigners.
Anyways with music blasting in my ears and probably annoying everyone,I head towards Odori and to the super cool place in Tanuki Street to buy my friend in Australia a cookie monster hat,
so when I return I could receive my pikachu hat she got for me on her semester in America. 
I saw the white guy from the train a couple time and caught him looking at sexy cosplay!
Each time that I saw him,he was so awkward and hipster looking =.=
I also got a couple tights,socks,earrings and stuff I guiltily say, for myself then some Hokkaido themed keyrings,mini-statues and a few packets of odd flavour caramals.Gengis Khan,soup curry, for example.
Walked through the underground passage to the Sapporo JR train station.
Currently in `Vie de France´,a cafe within the station and ate a strawberry and cream bun with green tea latte! 
The most delicious drink on earth and on top of that,in my favourite colour and shade of green♪
Going to go to LOFT in the Big Camera building to look at and try and restist from buy some bright multi colour beanies!

This was part of the cosplay section of the shop!It is actually for men!!!
Note the ugly man on the far left.
The rest of them are probably guys too.

And this boys school uniform for girls!I want it☆
I admire it very much…even though its old fashioned and apparently uncomfortable to wear!

A display of a Korean male idol starring in drama based on a josei manga about a femdom situation with a cougar business women and a pretty boy dancer/hobo.
Oh my mother adores him and has a couple pics of him on her iphone haha♪

A Mattel barbie geisha I found in a manga/anime/hobby shop.
Creepy but interesting.
In the shop,there was also an Igirisu cosplay!
I want it so much!

This a parody of the traditional sovenier that is famous as a symbol of Hokkaido.
Usually it is a brown bear biting down on a salmon haha
A while later…
I am late!I was suppose to be back home @ 6.30 but now im late.and just got off the JR.
I power-walked some escaloter until this guy stood on the right blocking the goddamn way,
 so he could hold his skanky animal print girlfriend's hand.
Dude was such a dick.
I know he saw me and everytime will got onto a new escalator on each floor, he put his hand on the rail like 'Haha I gonna f*#$ you up just because I can'.
What a bastard!
I was SO gonna go all ghetto english on that guy.
(Thanks to
luanlegacy for fuelling up my vocabulary)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Igloos and whatnot.

I found an awesome igloo today!
I was really short with intricate tunnel.It probably was a bit weird ,for a teenage girl to randomly crawl in and take pictures but I'm not very normal anyway!♪
Went to Hassumu 's AEON and it was tiring and interesting.
Probably my favourite shop is SWEAT which isn't the best name in the world but it is really awesome!It has reasonably cheap stuff with excellent style.The thing with Japanese fashion is they take inspiration from foreign countries and make it nore extreme and less sex focused. By that I mean they rarely show cleavage and seldomly tight fitting.They aren't afraid to mix and match,use bold colours and it looks so good !!!
I really want to buy a cap now cuz before I looked terrible with my longer hair