Sunday, December 18, 2011

My JENESYS Weekend in Tokyo

Okay so this weekend I travelled to Tokyo! It was so fun and tiring!
So let the recount begin.
I started with the numb awaking at 5 am in the morning on Saturday morning.
I was supposed to wake up at 6 but I set my alarm earlier because I know that I am difficult to move out of bed in the morning. Even more so because of the freaking cold.
Somehow I got up and shoved a load of clothes into one luggage just for the one night trip.
Left the house at 6:45 to set off to the subway.
Arrived in Odori, The city's center and walked to the JR station. (express train)
I was kind of annoying that my luggage would make sounds from rolling over the bumps in the pavement but yeah, barely making it on time I found the other 8 AFS students in front of Mister Donut, A popular meeting spot.
After waiting a bit and buying breakfast from 'Kiosk', Jumped on to the JR to the New Chitose Airport.
I sat with my best friend of all the exchange students, Pachi (his nickname) and a girl from Hungary :)
We just chatted and yeah, took pictures.
On the plane, I sat next to the Hungarian girl and was just bored listening to my ipod, writing a report most of the time. Lucky It was just one hour though.
At the airport, we met up with 3 other people from different Hokkaido areas and

(so long, and im really tired, i will finish later)