Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I have a feeling it is gonna be a great day^^
Firstly I woke up feeling pretty genki despite the cold!
Snow came back!
I love being the first to walk on untreaden snow♪
I have got my fluffy hat、red scarf、brown bag,purple gloves and ugg boots so I am very mismatched but function over fashion、yeah?!
Plus my hair is a total mess but I dont give a crap♪
Just keep listening to A Day To Remember and the Strokes.
OK、Im almost going to leave the train station. So gloves back on.
Love you guys、

Okay so I'm back wtiring once again with a bit of information sharing about Japanese school life through a bit of experience with it today.

So In Japan, everyone is required to do PE until the end of school.
Sometimes they change in the classroom, well, at least I know that the girls at my school do, even though there is a change room.
Most of my class usually changes in the change rooms, but today, In search of my friend in a different class to ask what she had next period and she had PE.
I didn't see it before, I realized, I opened the door to a class of upperclass(wo) men changing...
I felt really embarrassed but i remembered I was a girl too.
Awkward still.

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  1. The boys in my high school get changed in the classroom so it usually stinks of sweat. ugh!