Monday, November 14, 2011

I figure out how to post from my phone

However、i can only post short messages.

but here、a short summary of recent events.

Yesterday I changed host family.
Tonight and last night I had a strange new motivation which makes me study till late.
My new host family is great! And It only takes 30 mins to get to school〓

Today、I found out that two classmates I suppose I'm close to、 live nearby!

I'm also in love with a weird shop called Village Vanguard. There is many stores around Sapporo and its like hipster heaven. So awesome. It is called an 「Exciting Bookstore」♪ and honestly its balance of books and quirky items like lomography cameras、horse head masks and neon bright nordic man leggings is a bit off balance.
The books are so interesting too!There is a whole shelf of tattoo guidebooks at da last shop i went to. I really want to read some photography/photoshop tutorial books but shame I can't read it^^;

My school「well、the jap classes」in Australia is having their school trip in Tokyo now.
I hope they have fun even though I can't meet them.

k、typing with a mobile is truly meddlesome! Haha☆Its almost 11pm

bye and goodnight、

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