Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I have a feeling it is gonna be a great day^^
Firstly I woke up feeling pretty genki despite the cold!
Snow came back!
I love being the first to walk on untreaden snow♪
I have got my fluffy hat、red scarf、brown bag,purple gloves and ugg boots so I am very mismatched but function over fashion、yeah?!
Plus my hair is a total mess but I dont give a crap♪
Just keep listening to A Day To Remember and the Strokes.
OK、Im almost going to leave the train station. So gloves back on.
Love you guys、

Okay so I'm back wtiring once again with a bit of information sharing about Japanese school life through a bit of experience with it today.

So In Japan, everyone is required to do PE until the end of school.
Sometimes they change in the classroom, well, at least I know that the girls at my school do, even though there is a change room.
Most of my class usually changes in the change rooms, but today, In search of my friend in a different class to ask what she had next period and she had PE.
I didn't see it before, I realized, I opened the door to a class of upperclass(wo) men changing...
I felt really embarrassed but i remembered I was a girl too.
Awkward still.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Yes、those are my owl pajamas! 
Lately, I′ve been really inspired to work harder on my japanese and to achieve my goals.
For example, conversations with my host grandmother,my せんぱいs (upperclassmen),other exchange students and movies!So Im gonna try to try my best! 
You see,It′s kinda hard to get me motivated!^〇^♪ 
My goals are always very clear however i never stick to my own plan and easily give myself excuses、 ≧Д≦;;
I watched Whispers of the Heart. Such a great slightly corny movie!
I made it through despite the English dubbing、 so thats a plus!
Snow melted away the last few days、 but maybe come back tomorrow.
Yet it is not snowing now...Its 2 am.
That′s 4 am in Australia.
My host mum is vacumning now、at this time.
I want to fix my body clock =3=
i keep sleeping after 11pm so always tired in the morning waking up at six.Winters here so i tend to go back under the covers!
I want to start going to sleep at 9.30 ish.
However、it dont wanna seem like I′m avoiding my host family.
Anyway、should probably sleep.
P.s Eskimos !

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I′m a weirdo?!?

Is there something wrong with my body?
Its about 0 degrees right now but really i dont feel cold.
I just walked by a running couple saying out loud、 ′さむい!′.
They were wearing earmuffs and puffy jackets.
Yet here I am in my baggy tartan blue mens shirt and a singlet underneath walking home at 5pm at night with melting snow surrounding me.
I think when I get home ill will warned about getting a cold again by my gran.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Morning

This morning i learnt that:
1. It seems that if have an umbrella、more snow seems to fall more you so dont bother.
2.I bit my toast subconciously into the map of Hokkaido.
3.one use tickets are super easy to lose

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I know i already wrote a snow post but it was just snowing lightly、around 3 cm.barely covering
anything!Now、just randomly woken up at 3.20 i heard a sound outside and open the curtain.
Its all fresh、thick and untouched.
I really wanna be the first one to walk outside.To leave the first footprints.
The bike and car is completly covered!
I cant wait to go outside!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Today、is the day that i first seen REAL snow fall from heaven!!!!
Little flakes are collected on my navy winter coat and my hands are freezing!
Nevertheless、it′s really magical≧▽≦!
Wow、i can′t wait until there is enough to take pictures of!Oh!and CHRISTMAS!
Now it is just falling ever so lightly:)

i hope it isn′t too cold in Australia and its getting warm.
And dear lovely mother stop pestering me about photos and i love you


I figure out how to post from my phone

However、i can only post short messages.

but here、a short summary of recent events.

Yesterday I changed host family.
Tonight and last night I had a strange new motivation which makes me study till late.
My new host family is great! And It only takes 30 mins to get to school〓

Today、I found out that two classmates I suppose I'm close to、 live nearby!

I'm also in love with a weird shop called Village Vanguard. There is many stores around Sapporo and its like hipster heaven. So awesome. It is called an 「Exciting Bookstore」♪ and honestly its balance of books and quirky items like lomography cameras、horse head masks and neon bright nordic man leggings is a bit off balance.
The books are so interesting too!There is a whole shelf of tattoo guidebooks at da last shop i went to. I really want to read some photography/photoshop tutorial books but shame I can't read it^^;

My school「well、the jap classes」in Australia is having their school trip in Tokyo now.
I hope they have fun even though I can't meet them.

k、typing with a mobile is truly meddlesome! Haha☆Its almost 11pm

bye and goodnight、

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yay, I finally got around to doing this!

Not exactly remembering what I've done nor what I wrote since the last post.
I've actually written up a different one but i lost my blog notebook so I cannot be bothered yet.
I swear I'll get around to it. When I get a proper place and time to sit and type. My posture is terrible due to being such a nerd at my computer all the time but at my current host family, there is not proper place to sit. The desk with Internet has a wobbly chair and I can only be there for one hour,
Thus, I must sit in my room on my bed. It's not exactly suitable so I give up on typing and just lie down and watch movies, anime or listen to Harry potter audiobooks, so sorry,sorry!
So into Harry Potter right now.
I move host family this Sunday to the director/chairperson/most important person of AFS Sapporo's house. She seems to be strict-looking but reportedly kind-hearted. She also lives with her mother and pet corgi. She also has a daughter who studies in Tokyo as an university student. I'm not sure about how often she comes home. However, I look forward to meeting them.

So...I'll try to keep it short.
19th October Wednesday:
I got a hair cut.
I looks a bit long at the front but its actually really short at the back. I love it!
The hairdresser was really nice and understanding and the shampoo time was amazing.
I know, it sounds heaps weird but it was so comfortable.
They put a small towel over my face and I presume its to cover the face from being wet and avoid the awkward 'where-should-I-look-should-look-up-at-the-blinding-light-or-should-I-just-close-my-eyes' situation.

21st October Friday:
Went to an elementary school with AFS helped with a special education class. I taught them 'G'day' in which was surprisingly difficult and stuff like that, played in the playground, look at pet rabbits, taught one to practice writing 'の' and ate lunch with them. I taken a liking to a little girl. She was so cute!
Afterwards, I hung out with my American (different from the one I mentioned in previous posts) at Tanuki-koji Street. It's really becoming a frequent hang out place for me. We went to an anime/manga store. It was hella weird! Haha~

22th October Saturday
pumpkin craving

25th October Tuesday
I got to finish school early due to lack of teachers, being at school trips to Honshu and Canada.
All the other AFS & Rotary friends (except one) are juniors or seniors so they all have their school trips too.
Lucky Bastards.
I don't get a school trip because I'm a first year. Lame. Not Cool. Ghey.
So taking advantage of this , my friend, Pachi (had a day off after the school trip grrr) and I hung out...at Tanuki Koji.
Oh by the way Tanuki Koji literally means `Raccoon street` Arcade. Awesome place.
We went to a cafe, played some games at an arcade (Japanese arcades are fo-shizzle much better then Aussie one...pretty sure that is incorrect use of the words, Pfft,oh well.) and I bumped into 3 rotary kids! I was so surprised! I introduced them to each other and what not.
We chilled all together and went for purikura!

27th October Thursday
Presentation, music blah blah finish this part later,
Sung in the Car
the train

30th October Sunday

Halloween Party
vampire makeup
only little kids

3rd November Thursday
Fish market
Nakajima Park

5th November Saturday

Sapporo symphony orchestra.

6th November Sunday

salmon museum and Ramen shop
The best ramen is my life!