Friday, October 28, 2011

I made a video!~

So this is a video I made about Okonomiyaki so watch and enjoy! <3
I still writing up my blogpost, that will probably come up sometime next week! (>_<;)

The URL link://

K, bye,

Tiff xx

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wait, which week is it? 4 or 5?

Hey, hey,hey ;)
What up, kids?
I can't really remember much from the last two weeks but I rather not do so. 
Two noticeable,memorable events were the AFS Day two weeks ago Sunday and last Saturday, when I met up with some Rotary Kids.

AFS Day was pretty fun to be able to meet up with everyone in Sapporo and all around Hokkaido. Did a speech, had heaps of photos taken, talked a lot, exchanged email address for the mobiles which by the way as free text , so Woop woop! Thank you softbank!
After everything was over and done with, I went to Karaoke with the kids from Sapporo and some other people who were Japanese students.
I admit that I honestly dislike J-pop...and the girls sing that AKB48 song that has been on television ALL the FRAGGLE-ROCKIN time!!!
And they sing so high!
So I sung in alto. Woop, go me.
I ate dinner with my friend at Sapporo Station.
I had kitsune soba ;P
I got home on the last bus (T-T)

When I met the Rotary Kids, We watched this hiphop dance show.
Ate at Mister Donut.
I sort of half intruded on their meeting thing but yeah.
I don't really want to tell you guys the ending to the story but I finished the night with new friends.

Oh, I also had my sports festival and that lasted over Tuesday and Wednesday.
That was fun and tiring ^^
I played against three teams and got in the quarter finals for mini Futsal.
In the first game, I scored twice so Woop,woop! 

The second team really tired me out and it was super competitive!
It was my American friend from Rotary's class/team and Boy!
There was this one girl, a striker from class and the soccer club. I usually play defense.
The thing in Japan is that they are really passionate and work hard at what they do.
With sports you either comically really really bad or you are amazingly awesome and athletic!
And for some reason, everyone in the soccer club must cut their hair like a boy.
Wow, so she was amazing and had so many fans!
I ended up fighting over the ball with her!
I was like half screaming too!! (^ ^;)

There was a lot of shoulder barging and pushing between us which was really fun since I gotta act kind of delicate and quiet in class and try not to be my aggressive self around all the girls. It's already bad enough that I look like Coach Beiste (Glee) compared to them! Haha
Somehow, my class won and I think I give her a bruise but I indirectly apologized to her!!
 Third game I lost T_T
felt like crap but i was just really happy that my class and my team was cheering me on.

 The second day was for track and field.
I ran the 400m race and got third last ! haha, I was going against the soccer chick from before too!
The day was tiring despite doing nothing.

I also joinged my school's folk music club.

In the club it's divided into bands.
I'm with my friends from my class.
At the moment we have a vocalist/pianist, drummer, and two, YES two guitarists and I'm filling in for bass.
But...everyone doesn't actually know how to play music except for me and the vocalist...
We have a christmas concert in December so I'm gonna whip them into shape!
We are playing a pop song though...I want FOLK!! @_@
Anyway the song is called 'Arigatou'. 

Anyway, thats life in Japan.