Friday, September 9, 2011

Week Three!

So this is week three!~
I realized that I haven't spoken to a teenage boy in almost three weeks.
I wonder if it be like this for the rest of my stay excluding AFS meet ups.
It's not like I want to hook up or flirt and all that sappy things, but I'm curious with what would happen with this absence. 
I hope you enjoy reading my rambling so,

Day 16: Saturday 3rd September
I slept for 12 hours, from 2am to 2pm :)
I wrote out my last two posts.
After that, I just went on the Internet for about two hours before talking a bath.
Just chatting with friends and mother.

Day 17: Sunday 4th September
I woke up for breakfast at around 8:00.
Couldn't find my wallet and caused a ruckus in my room.
After I found it, Okaasan, Issa & I went to Aeon, the Japanese version of myer.
I bought some stuff for school such as a bag, bento boxes and pencil case, It was all Alice in Wonderland/United Kingdom themed!
My bento box, chopsticks, 2 pens & pencil case on them! So cute ^^
My plaid backpack with it's crown and union jack badges are pretty awesome too!~~~
I also reserved a camera to buy which is a Fujifilm fine pix f550exr. It's just $229 Aussie dollars :P
For dinner we had what's kind of like a combined 'Pepper Lunch'. We had Australian Lamb and Canadian Beef for meat, udon and bean sprouts :)
Watched Lucky Star and Rozen Maiden until 11.
I stopped knowing that I had school the next day but I couldn't sleep from over thinking!!

Day 18: Monday 5th September
And by late I mean, 6:30, I have to leave the house at 7pm to catch the bus.
Unconsciously, as unconvincing as it seems, made me skirt too high xP
I got told off :3
In culture, we had a test in English about the history and use of hiragana, katakana and kanji, I don't think I went too good :P
In PE, we played table tennis again.
Lunch, just sitting in class with my new bento set. :D
During Kokugo, I went to the computer room to 'research'. Trying to find out which side of the pathway to walk on. It's been puzzling me a lot :P
I couldn't go on check email because the Internet browser was too low of quality.
English~ I did another test.
After school, I was chilling in the classroom for an hour or so, waiting for my friend to finish cleaning so we can walk together to the train station.
I was drawing pictures on the board with the others.
When I was walking home from the bus stop, the wind was so strong that instead of using an umbrella, I just ran laughing like a madman  until the wind around me weakened and became calm.
In the last few weeks of Australia, I gained a surprising amount of weight that even my oblivious brother noticed. I'm glad to say I lost weight :D from cardio videos with limited amount of food, walking, saving money and doing cardio videos with Okaasan with is actually pretty funny haha
Not that you care, but I had to write it >:3

Day 19: Tuesday 6th September
I woke up earlier than I need, so I blissfully relaxed in my be. When I went downstairs, Okaasan was watching the news. Apparently, it was a report on the crazy weather here. They were showing live footage of the river that my bus goes past. When I actually was there in the bus watching I though it looked pretty intense.
I swear there was a shed in the water.
I arrived at school bought a 'creamy cocoa', a yummy 'popper-box'(it that what you call it in English?) drink with a nostalgic taste.
It was also my friend's birthday, but I had no idea...
My English test was handed back and I got 22/50 @V@ teehee
The history teacher had a very dramatic entrance into the room.
Wrote this blog post in my notebook~~~
We were supposed to have bible study next but because we have heavy rain and typhoon, we got the rest of the day off.
I was actually looking forward for lunch because I was really hungry but the girls were really happily screaming and what not.
I was walking to the train station with some others but they needed to go to study at somebody's house so we went separate ways.
I didn't want to go with them because I'll end up doing nothing and just went home as usual since I didn't want to spend any money.
I arrived home, sang really loudly (since I can't make much noise in such a small house with others are here) and went on the Internet.
I went to Okaasan's English class.
Finished watching Rozen Maiden, seasons 1 and traumend.
Wrote up a list of my spending.

Day 20: Wednesday 7th September
Had strawberry jam toast.
English~  16/30 for a culture test. ;D
Survival English- pretty fun for an English lesson.
Plus, I had a wonderful idea come to mind about my university studies and future.
Many teachers were playing with the toy I found last week.
I didn't know what to do with it so I put it up the front of the homeroom.
During Japanese History, I don't know why but I had the strangest strong urge to play Age of Empires.
So hungry!
I went to a computer room to chill and watch youtube videos.
Reaing~ read more Geronimo Sliton Books.

Day 21: Thursday 8th September
The Day started with me waking up and packing my lunch, nothing unusual.
Homeroom~ Wondering…What's that thing when collectors someone around with a bag and people donate money after praying to God?
Waited for English to start so I napped.
Couldn't wait to do music.
English~ Sensei was being annoyed by a bug flying around and he killed it.
Afterwards he said 'Sorry~, Mr Fly'. Well something along those lines but in Japanese of course. Lol.

Japanese History~ I swear I napped for 20 mins. Everyone was just doing some self study although they were main just chatting with each other and the teacher.
Music~ After they had their alto recorder test, we watched the Sound of Music again.
Can't really remember much of what happened after Lunch.
…Oh well :D

Day 22: Friday 9th September
On this day, the exams started for everyone else so I had two periods of Japanese in the morning with my teacher and the other exchange student, Claudia.
After the lesson, we could apparently go home. I didn't know about it but I just walked with Claudia to the train station and we talked a lot.
She is an upperclassman so I don't see her much.
Most of the time, we just stay in the same level, same building because we don’t have to change classes.
I decided that I should get my camera so I quickly went home and went back out it catch a bus again.
So walking to and from is three minutes and I rushed everything at home in 5 mins.
I walked out in my boots, all untied and everything and I put any ol thing on so I looked like a mess.
I just walked around in the shopping centre for a bit, got my camera, and being a cheapskate by eating my bento that I was supposed to have for school in the food court and drank the free water. Like a pro.
when I was walking out to go my bus stop, I saw a 'skanky' lady holding a baby but crouching on the ground and she looked at me with eyes that said 'oh crap'.
Now I wonder, did she drop her baby?

Day 23: Sat 10th September

I was told to wake up at 10 but I woke up at 8 ish. I didn't have anything to do and nobody was home :/
Um, just writing this blog and I don't plan to do anything else really.
Tomorrow I'm going to the local orientation for AFS though.
Trying to not spend any money because I overspent this week even excluding the camera. :/

Yeah, week three, wooo~.
Hm. Yep, I'm done.
Look forward to next week!

Tiff x


  1. I like literally lost it when you said about the skanky lady who might have just dropped her baby. Funny :P Sounds like you're having fun!, Mrs.Steele, is quickly preparing for us to go to Japan, and hey guess what in the next week, I'm gonna get my make a bear thingy from you :) all our trials are over the next week so, you are so lucky you missed them ;/ Miss you x

  2. How you can talking to a bath???? Next time you can show us more photos with ur new camera.

  3. so you leave home at 7PM to school???