Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 5

Howdy there, everyone.
I wonder who are my audience…
Australian, Japanese or various exchange students.

Day 31: Sunday 18th September

Day 32: Monday 19th September

I was woken by my alarm and thought I would take a small nap to rest a few minutes more, but when I woke again it was 7:30! I though that I was completely and utterly late so I shouldn't bother going to school since the bus is so infrequent. I dawdled towards Okaasan to tell her of my woe but it was Apparently, Respect Your Elders Day, A national holiday to celebrate your grandparents.
I didn't do much the rest of the day besides going to the 100 yen shop and drug store to buy some stuff to study Japanese and play Super Mario with my little bro.

Day 33: Tuesday 20th September

Today was my friend, Kagome's birthday.
We also celebrated my other classmate/friend's birthday which was last Saturday.
I also received my new timetable.
6 free periods, whoo!~
I rode the train with some friends.
Pretty normal school day I guess.
When I arrived home, I chilled about and after dinner, I played Super Mario again this time being for a longer time. I was pretty determined to beat my little bro in something. He plays a lot and replays levels a lot.
Must defeat him and his 8 year old-ness. Haha.

Day 34: Wednesday 21st September

I had a bad start to the day...
I was on my on my usual bus, sitting at the very back as the sign of my obvious power and status *sarcasm*

 I looked for my wallet but it wasn't there so I had to get off the next stop. Walked/ran to the bus stop again and call my host mother to ask to bring my wallet. She said okay, and I was frantically waiting. The next bus came and I went to the front and asked the driver to wait a bit longer. I was just waiting waiting but she didn't come. Usually the walk is just 3 minutes but she decided to take her car.
I couldn't hold it up any longer so I missed that one too.
I got a call to go home first.
Got Home.
Got another call to walk outside to find her.
You know that awkward moment when you are far away and walk towards someone and you don't know where to look? 
I arrived before her and realized she crashed her car...
Oh the misfortune.
The bumper is now off...
Well, I waited with her as she fill out police form thingy and I receive my cursed wallet. I finally took the bus and I think old ladies were watching me sleep but I was so whatever.
I strolled to school after the since I was late anyway. I drown out the bad thoughts with the beauty of music. I brought Jasmine tea and cream bun for breakfast ever though I already ate a strawberry jam and margarine toast and a glass of milk.
I snuck in to the school through the teachers entrance so I took off my shoes and ran to the other side of the building in my socks!
Haha funny.
Had fun helping out with English.
:O i just realized I write my commas different now.

Free period~ boring but when on Internet.
Bible- sung a hymn
Long Homeroon- Got put in Mini futsal for the sports festival ,so I'm in that and 400m race.
Reading~ Geronimo Stilton Again haha.

Day 35: Thursday 22nd September
 English~ I napped.
History~ Meh
Two Free Periods~ uploaded pictures onto Facebook and studied Japanese in library with Claudia.

Day 36: Friday 23rd September
Day 37: Saturday 24th September
Played soccer with my bro and stuff.
Nothing much.

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