Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 4

Day 24: Sunday 11th September
Local orientation
Walk around
Lost my camera
Police Call

Day 25: Monday 12th September
Claudia to Odori Park
Talk and lunch
I pretty much stayed there until late

Got tired from so much free time

Day 26: Tuesday 13th September
Again. I stayed in the park for a really really long time. Just hours and hours of people, this time I didn't have a choice in wheather I could go home earlier or not because I forgot to ask for the key. I didn't want to go home and find I can't go in.
White foreigners.
Got home and pretty much was lazy.

Day 27: Wednesday 14th September

After two periods,
I went to Oodori Park and got changed into casual clothes.
Ice cream
Sapporo station

Day 28: Thursday 15th September

Finally able to talk to everyone in my class again. They finished their exams and we can together again for lunch.
In music, we finished the end of 'The Sound of Music', we sang 'Memory' from the musical, 'CATS' and I borrowed a recorder.
When they sang 'Memory', it was actually quite hard for me. They all sing from their throat in high pitch and somewhat little voice. No projection at all. Somehow, I had to tone down and sing at the same volume. Surprising difficult.
Met up with my guidance person and Claudia to discuss about our timetables. As  of next week, I don't take any bloody maths at all! Forever! Once again…FOREVER!!!
Take that, Mathematics!
I had hot cocoa at the bus stop.
I just love how I can get a good hot drink in a can from a vending machine with little social interaction from as little as approximately $1.50 (120 yen).

Day 29: Friday 16th September

Day 30: Saturday 17th September

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