Saturday, September 3, 2011

A run down through my time thus far in Sapporo

Hello Everyone!
Sorry about not posting much, but the internet or computer use is quite limited in my host family's home.
I've been quite content here though so don't worry.
Since I arrived, it has been quite eventful.
So much that at the end of the day, I can't find the energy to type.
Even if I did have free time, I sleep or watch anime in bed.
Now, I'm not homesick but I do miss my friends and family…and bed…very much.
Everyday has been quite humid too.
Just so you know, it has been a week to write about everything on paper during classes where I don't have any time.
I apologize if it has any mistakes because I’m writing all of this in one sitting.

PLUS, im going to put up pictures with this soon. But not until a bit later so sorry if some of the words don't make sense because they come with a picture.

Okay, Hajimemashou!
Day 4: MondayBreakfast.
Said goodbye to everyone else in my group and some other peeps too.
Went to Haneba Airport via bus.
Took some pictures and talked to the person next to me.
 Ate food from common convenience store, Lawson. (I swear its like everywhere @_@)
Found some people going to the Osaka area.
Just chilling, eating my tonkatsu chicken sandwich, anman and Calpis water with other people going to Hokkaido and an Aussie going to Osaka with an ukulele.
Took pictures together and la di dah.
Lined up and went through the scanning thingy.
Went to the gate and waited.
Saw a POKEMON plane!
Said bye to the two peeps who were going to the far north of Hokkaido, pictures, pictures, pictures and then boarded the plane.

So there I was, window seat, 'something a rather' A, with everyone going to Sapporo.
Watched Pokemon, took pictures, talked and looked through the plane's magazine.
It was probably just two hours.
When we were just about to arrive in Sapporo, we were flying above the city and below the clouds, we saw so much green! Green patches of land, most in rectangular shapes. The boy beside me from Columbia commented that it was the first time we saw the sun since arriving in Japan.
In the distance, we saw many mountains and a lake, shining from the water's reflection. It really looked like a beautiful city. Everyone was extremely excited when we landed and we saw many signs with our names, welcoming us as we were waiting for out luggage. One of the girls started crying too.
When we met them, we had some group photos and went off to our separate ways.

With my host family, the Miyakoshi's, We went to a sushi train for dinner.
It was so delicious! I had shrimp miso soup, green tea and all sorts of sushi such as raw scallop, raw beef with raw quail eggs and many other raw stuff with rice and seaweed :P
During he car trips to and from, I sat in the back with my Okaasan (word is jap for mother/host mother) and talked a lot.
I arrived home and generally slept a lot.
Day 5: Tuesday
I think I registered with the city hall or something, I had to wait for a super duper long time!
Sooooo bored so I made this!
When it was FINALLY over, Okaasan and I went to an Italian buffet.
I had two plates of savoury foods and one plate of sweets, a bowl of onion soup and Calpis soda.
Bought navy socks for school.

Day 6: Wednesday
On Wednesday, we were preparing for my welcoming party! Everybody is from my host mother's English tutoring lessons so there were 3 to junior high school age!
I stayed at home for most of the day by myself though.
Okaasan prepared curry, but I forgot to eat it.
I slept a lot!
During this time alone, I walked out ti the nearby 100 yen shop, and about some stuff to help me settle in such as slippers, face towel and etc.
As I was walking home, saw some soccer fields and watched for about 5 minutes.
Okaasan arrived home from work but she needed to go out again to prepare food.
My host brother was playing outside with a friend that kept staring at me like I'm some sort of freak.
My neighbors happen to be my host father's parents.
When I was outside, I tried to use my limited Japanese. I was trying my best and attempted to explain to Ojiisan (grandfather) that I could speak much Japanese but I could listen okay to understand to gist of things.
With limited words, limited Japanese, I had to rely on body language.
So there I was, waving my arms about like a madman. Obaasan (grandmother) comes out and I hear Ojiisan say "...日本語ぜんぜんわかんない…" @_@ which means she absoultly doesn't understand Japanese.
They were really nice though.
I tried to talk about the garden and they grow various folwers and veggies likr orchids, tomatoes and 'daikon'. I took pictures and they invited me in to their home to eat freshly cooked corn. I tried to turn down their offer but they didn't understand. So I was eating half a cob of corn, drinking tea, knowing that I would eat sooon at the party.
The party was fun too! My 'tallness' towered over all 25 kids and Okaasan!
I was interesting for me to introduce myself, answer their questions and hear them speak in such adorable English.
We ate Bento boxes from Hotto Motto and drank bottled tea.
I took some pictures with them and what not.
Very Cute! ^^
Day 7: ThursdayI practised going to school with Okaasan.
When we arrived, I met with my LP (Liason Person) and we got the school uniform.
It's cute, but obviously not on me, and only me.
The skirt is long and below my knees and the shirt is short and baggy with long sleeves and you can't a waist line at all.
I look so awkward in it.
Still I'm pretty sad that it is just a rental and at the end, I have to give it back.
I also met my 'guidance' person, an American English teacher.
Ah, I can't remember much.

Day 8: Friday
Well,, Okaasan went with me.
In other parts of Japan, their sumer break isn't over yet but in Hokkaido, it is shortened because of all the snow in winter. The school can't open so the winter break is lengthier. I think this semester, I have 20 weeks of school…No autumn holidays…@_@
Oh well.
ANYWAYS! I went through the teacher's entrance because I didn't know where the students Genkan was.
Did a Jikoshokai (self introduction) in front of teachers. I stuffed up a bit, but it got passed off as 'cute' so meh.
I went to my homeroom, had my skirt length checked and read a book.

1st period, we had what's called 'Chapel'.
Basically, in their hall, we listened to people talk about God*,read verses from the bible*, prayed * and sung a hymn*. (*in Japanese)
The kanji in the lyrics had hiragana above it so I survived. There was a girl playing the on the organ so yeah, 'twas mildly interesting.
So! I then had English, Kokugo (basically hard Japanese), Maths, Lunch, Home economics and a Japanese special lesson which is a one-on one for me, then we had PE, which was Dodge ball.

In English, we were in what's called Callroom 1.
They had to write about what they wanted to do in the future, then record it and send it to the 'student resources' I guess.
Of course, I did it in Japanese!

Well, It was time to go home, so I put on my 'way-too-tiny' shoes, walked to the train station and got the train, ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!

I was in the wrong direction to go out of the train station, didn't properly know how to find my bus stop, going way, way, way beyond it and I was getting tired from my first day of school, my feet got blisters from my small tight shoes WITH heels and I was getting ready to give up.
Luckily, the school principal was driving by and he found me. He drove me home and told me how he understands the difficulties of being an exchange student be he studied in Germany for a couple years. It was funny because sometimes he didn't know a word in English and say it in German and he would sometimes say 'nien'!
Day 9 & 10: Weekend
I watched Issa, my little host brother's karate lesson/
Slept in a lot.
Super lazy.
We also went to the shopping center.
Can't remember much.
Okay, that's the end of Part One!
That equals to 19 songs approximately 3 minutes so around 57 minutes of typing.
Gah, my back hurts.

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