Saturday, September 3, 2011

Okay this is the beginning of part 2.
If you haven't read part 1, scroll down.
Okay, Hajimemashou!

Day 11: Monday.

I wore punk-like boots to school.
In such a sensible school uniform, it's safe to say I looked like an idiot.
First lesson was 'culture' and basically we learnt Japanese culture in English. We learnt how to explain how to make an origami crane in English. It's for their trip next year to America.
For P.E. we played table tennis.
I found out that the Japanese History teacher was very comical. Of course, I couldn't understand him but the class seemed really interesting and he talks and moves about like Nigahiga! Haha.

Going back home, I had a little rouble and wound up in a park again.
I saw this oldish American guy and asked him where the bus stop was.
Due to my 'perfect' English and Japanese school uniform, he took off his cap and raised his bushy eyebrows ridiculously high!
Thankfully, he showed me the direction.
I couldn't sleep, there was weird noises in the night.
I'm terribly afraid of the evil Japanese spirits.
Such as Sadako, from the Grunge.
I mean I love 'Gegege no Kitaro', 'Natsume Yuujinchou', 'Pom Poko", 'Spirited Away' with all those wonderful Japanese spirits.
It's just the scary ones I don't like, like the ones which pop their heads out sideways, from a different dimension with really long tongues or necks and pale skin.

Day 12: Tuesday
I had Japanese history and English for period 1 and 2.
Period 3 was Bible Study. We sung a hymn ( well, at I tried to) and the teacher/the school chaplain was so serious.
Although sometimes, out of the blue for me, he made these high-pitched voices like in old kids maybe 80s anime, when he was talking about a biblical story about a family. He was voicing the disagreement between a father and son.
During Kokugo and culture, the class had a test, so I stayed in a computer room writing out some ofthe last blog post.
I arrived home around 6-ish, and I helped my Okaasan's students with English.

Day 13: Wednesday
Changed my school shoes from boots to sneakers.
'Survival English' yet another lesson to prepare for their trip next year was interesting.
The teacher, the only Australian English teacher, was peculiar mannerisms that I took interest in and tried to think of the best actor to describe it and match up.
I saw a bit of bit of the school dean from Community and Jim Carrey in the mix somewhere, haha.
Japanese History!
Lunch~ I was sitting with some nice girls just eating my bento and some other girl came up to me with a CD. She was all crazy and hysterical (a lot of my classmates are like that haha) and it seemed like she was afraid to come too near for some unknown reason. Kagome, my classmate said the girl want to know if I knew the singers. It was a Vocaliod CD, a singers basically completely made by a computer which included the 'digital idols' with robotic high pitched voices. A famous 'digital idol', Hatsune Miku is part of this and her costume is frequently  seen in many anime conventions as cosplay.
'Reading' ~
I read two 'Geronimo Sliton' books (used to LOVE those fabumouse books, haha so cheesy!!!) , which was placed as the highest level of reading level.
Everyone else read level 0 or 1-baby books but I guess it must be really hard for them.

I had to do cleaning at the end of school so I missed the 16:18 bus. Thinking the next one will be an hour later, I stayed at school a bit longer talking to classmates and playing a bit of piano.
When I arrived at the station, I realized the bus was at 17:38 so a had to wait for half an hour in uncomfortable seats.
I bought some milk tea and a magazine, Zipper which has fashion, DIY and makeup tips. Although, it was fashion I think I would only see in strange places like Harajuku or Newtown.
Helped in Okaasan's English classes again…this time, I turned up in pjs.

Day 14: Thursday

I'm tired. I still haven't gotten used to the bedroom I'm in.
I find it hard to be sleepy, despite being so tired physically.
I decided to post everything I must find the 8 pages I wrote into 2 posts.

Japanese History~
Art or Music~
The class had to spilt in two to go into one of the choices.
I choose music and it was super fun.
We watched "The Sound of Music" and I also sung some English songs for them from the book they had.
In their music book, they have 'A Whole New World' in English and Japanese. As expected, it's not a literal translation. Instead of singing ' a whole new world' in Japanese, they actually have "おおぞら”, which means 'Big Sky'...
They also all have to learn how to sing and play recorder.
I like it though.

Ate lunch, played some songs on piano in the homeroom.
There is an upright piano in almost every homeroom!
The music room has two grand pianos, so the idea of a piano duel taking place in completely possible. Haha.
So hot @_@!

Everyday, I must endure sweat and heat in a long sleeved shirt and long length, which I now roll up like many other girls so I show I bit of my knees. LOL, I'm such a skank! Haha. Still, it's not out fault it's so ridiculously long.
Japanese~ learnt about money.
Maths~ I realized the teacher, an old man, was wearing sandals with heel with socks.
Survival English~ Went to the front to help the teacher with learning about hometown.

I had a lot of time in Oodori, because my bus pretty much comes onces a hour.
So, I went to Maccas to see if they had any wi-fi ( they didn't =_=), a branch for Kinokuniya and some beauty- based pharmacy, something starting with the letter K.
Bought some strawberry milk (100 yen). It was so damn sweet!!

Day 15: Friday
While walking from the train station to school, I didn't have an umbrella and it was raining lightly, so I though yeah, I'll be alright.
I was half way there and luckily, my classmate shared her umbrella with me, just before the rain fell heavily. However, because it was so small, my left sleeve was drenched and her right sleeve too!
I walked into the class, and someone told me my shirt zipper was undone.
The zipper is on the side and goes all the way up, just passing my main bra strap.
I was wondering why so many creepy men were watching me.

We went to 'Chapel' and I did a speech along with the other American exchange student.
English, I just chilled and hung back.
Home economics, i helped cook boiled fish in miso and some sort of pudding.
The girls in my group couldn't cut the fish so i did and gutted it and what not.
The girls were like "Umai~, Ti-fu"

So that was like two lunches, but then the next period was PE.
Why?? After eating that much!
We did high jump.
I was so nervous! haha
The teacher was also bald.
I don't know why but so many teachers have no hair...

I walked to the station after school with a couple friends.
There said, after the exams, they want to go karaoke with me :)

Okay, that's enough for now.
I'll post again in a week or so.

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  1. and I am looking forward to see you in your school uniform.