Friday, August 19, 2011

Evening Events of the 19th.

Okay, I do realize that yesterday's account of my time was a bit time mis-matched.
But meh.
You'll understand.

So now AFTER the wee hours of morning is done, that;s over. Here's to the arrival to night to present time.

So I had a few unwanted unfortunate series of events happen before I got off the plane from Australia but after releasing the problem 45 minutes prior to the landing, I felt much better and then I went from a grumpy bum to a happy kiddy.

I had thus reached Hong Kong!
The airport was so confusing and humid.
Josh got a random temperature check via ear too.
While we were trying to find the shops, we walked EVERYWHERE with interesting-ness and gates, until realizing with had to go through someone who checks papers, to get to the escalator to go up.
We roam around the shops, took pictures of the odd contrast out the window of airport-meets-mountains, then plopped down to rest.
I went to look at the shops for a drink, but let's face it, I really really wanted to spend some HK money.
I buy food and a Sprite at a place called Louisana Pop-something a rather.
It was $55 Hong Kong dollars which is actually pretty damn cheap.

$100 HK = $12 Australia Bucks.
I was looking out the balcony and watched people pass by until I spotted some yellow tags hanging on the luggage of four people and yelled out 'AFS!', much to the disbelief of my Sydney Sideing AFSers.
Well, We find out that they are from Melbourne, on the same trip to Japan!
One guy brought an ukulele and harmonica.
Sweet as, brah~

We walked to our gate after more chillaxing and waited to get on the plane, to our wondrous destination...日本!
I ended up sitting next to Brittany again and surprising I was able to take a few naps.
I got a window seat so I took a lot of photos.
I was just a 4 1/2 hour trip in the day, so I was okay.
I watched a bit of a doco about Liverpool Modern Day Gypsies.
Totally retarded.
Little girls taught to do proactive dances.

So I switched the channel to the airline moving map with additional stats and whatnot, watched it for the next hour and a half, sleeping in between now and then
and playing Angry Birds.
When I looked out the window, most of the time, it was just fluffy clouds.
I had to lower the shade because of the Sun reflecting upon it.
When we were getting closer, I stared out the window.
The plane lowered as it was getting closer to the airport.
I was so happy because I saw the clouds slowly disappear and I saw blocks to green grass, a couple house and the shore. Even the music playing in the background, matched up perfectly, providing the soundtrack to my triumph emotions.

Meeting the AFS Volunteers at the Airport

Right now, it still feels really weird that now, I'm here.
The hotel which I took a bus to with AFS volunteers' help, Narita Nikko Hotel.
It doesn't feel so much that I'm here, writing this post in Japan unless I look out the window from my room or walk into the toilet.
Yes... it has an おしり spray…with a 'Bidet' option for the ladies.
Don't worry, I'm too scared to use it.

My bus buddy from Melboure

But yeah, feels just like Sydney at the moment.
We had a giant buffet dinner with EVERYONE who is staying in Japan with AFS. EVERYONE, I say.
From all of the different countries.
But the language everyone spoke was English.
So yeah, comfy.

One of the first of many Vending machines.

My room mate is my fellow blogger, Birgitte with her blog, Birgitte i Japan. (in Norwegian)
She is also going to Hokkaido.
So everyone going to Hokkaido has one night less of staying in the hotel, so we can get to our host families or something. It wasn't really explain properly.
They gave everyone different colour ribbons, blue, red and green and Blue people were just given order and we just have to follow.

Oh yay, we have to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow.
However, I'm still pretty happy I have a bed.
K, love you guys.
Tiff x
P.s I know it was supposed to be short and quick but how could I ever narrow it down?


    So happy for you~~ ^^

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  3. Don't forget posting some photos up. We all want to see what you see.