Saturday, August 27, 2011

Being Lazy (^0^)/ (un finished)

Hey guys :D
I'm here!
But not for long, I gotta go soon so yeah.

I realised how bad 'In Sapporo Insanity' sounded and found out it would make more sense as 'Insanity in Sapporo'.
The lameness is still there but neh.
I've uploaded more photos to facebook, so those who are my fb friends, go check it out.

Day 2:
Woke up really early.
Had breakfast and
Said goodbye to Josh.
Toook a bus to go to have an orientation in a school in Tokyo for everyone going being in the Tokyo area.
(got caught taking a quick nap xP)
Got put into groups by the contry, so i was in Group One, with other Australians and New Zealanders.
Got to walk around a block in Tokyo, saw a shire (one in the film 'Memoirs of a Geisha'), I got purified and I prayed for luck.
Had a strawberry jam and margarine bun and water for lunch back in the school cafeteria.
Got onto the bus again to a different hotel
Got individual rooms *bliss*
Had Dinner.

Day 3:
I think everyone stayed in the hotel for the whole day so pretty much I was walking around in hotel slippers. lol.
The other 'Australian' arrived- but she was actually British and because there wasn't anything AFS in the UK she asked AFS Australia to be a part of it.
Breakfast- there was Nattou!!!!!!
It was gross and tasted like bad stinky cheese.
Did some group work~
Q & A session.
Closing Ceremony w/ a Talent show and speaking corner (improv speech about your goals in Japan and stuff).
I sung "When Sunny Gets Blue".
I was supposed to be first but I got nervous and forgotten the lyrics! haha
so I got to go 2nd last.
Did a speech as well, but I pretty sure I was rambling.

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