Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh god, what have I done?

Hey Zombies and Internet Dwellers,

Sorry for not posting anything in the past months.
I have been pretty lazy with this, haven't I?
Well, to just defend myself, I've have been quite busy with hosting Japanese boys and blah, blah, blah. Plus some days , believe it or not, I don’t even turn on my computer, thus having my Mum try to kick me off hers so she can watch her Korean Dramas.
I'll make it up to you by writing this general summary of the sh*t that happened that has happened since the last past.

Some days I could be doing something productive however, I chronically procrastinate and just watch time to past.

To sum everything up,

♫ The German/Vietnamese 21yo guy, Duc that stayed at my place for 7 months has left Australia (and my bedroom) on the 19th of August. It was the first day of school for the school term so I couldn't send him off, so it was weird knowing he was there in the morning, but I came home to emptiness.
Strangely enough, A lot of my friends don't actually know about Duc or my room being occupied by him for 7 months. Being the socially awkward (not self-acclaimed to be hipster or what not- it’s a fact) person with poor conservational contribution skills that I am, I'm not the type to just bring it up along side a good segway.

He was nice to have around, despite the stubbornness in debates, painfully passionate throat-straining singing and him not being at home much from hanging out with other germans and cave-camping.

Still, we miss him. :)

 ♫ Yesterday, I just finished hosting two Japanese boys through a sister-city exchange program between my local council and Chuo-ku, Tokyo. They were interesting kids and I loved their cute little relationship with each other because they were best friends. It was so sweet when Shunsuke slept on Eiichi's shoulder in the car.

Their English was actually pretty good and they are just in year 8- they learnt more English then we, year 10 Japanese students, know Japanese.
They did home stay for 9 days.
We went to school together for 3 days and I had a little 'hic-cup' when they came to my science class but it's all good now.I also chatted to their principal/ leader of the Japanese side of the program,

their science teacher/ cameraman of the trip,
the pretty lady teacher of the kids from last year,
and some people of the association:
Secretary…? (past and new),
the President of the Australian side, who also happens to be my neighbour, Latvian, and cousin to one of my best friends
and this other guy who taught for a few years in Japan and apparently used to go out with one of the daughters of a teacher at my school.

What a rather boring paragraph.
Whatever, it's my blog.
Ditto, with my potentially incorrect grammar.

When it was time to say our farewells, I couldn't help but join Eiichi who was crying and I teared up a bit. They are sweet kids and I miss them already.

♫ I got some great marks in my Japanese class.

10+/10 for my writing test100% for my reading test, coming first in my grade :)

And 14/15 for my digital presentation.

(note to self: Should I post it?)

Funny thing is my brother in year 11 has been told by his Japanese sensei/ head teacher of language to practice his Japanese speaking skills with me. Lol~

I've taken up singing in Music.
It is kind of weird though, because I'm usually the quiet girl in Music
I rather listen and watch everyone else play and admire everyone else.
But anyway, despite my hate for Nickelback, I debuted and sang 'Gotta Be Somebody' with a girly, feminine , acoustic touch with my friends on guitar and piano.
My next piece will be 'When Sunny Gets Blue' which I choose because of it's jazzy.
I didn't realize how hard it was with it's leaping notes, but I'm working on it.
It's a shame that it will also be the last performance I will make since I only sing twice but Oh well. I rather be in Japan than staying in Australia and sing more, especially under pressure and being assessed on it.
I like the class, which I have near the beach.
I still have to get used to singing from my tummy and relaxing my throat (much much harder than it sounds).

♫ The excitement of going to Japan is being carefully and slowly building up.
I guess I have been too busy to be thinking about it much.
I have 17 more days left.
I been feeling kind of robotic lately so I'm like 'meh'.
Before the Japan Disaster, I already started packing 3 months before my previous departure date. This weekend, my mum is ordering me to do so.
I really, really, REALLY, hope I don't get disappointed again.
Last time was harsh- convincing myself I would still be able to go, going back to reality then burning and crashing from the truth.

♫ Organizing a SECOND Karaoke Farewell Party.

*sigh* last thing on my mind.

Too tired to even check facebook.

♫ My family will be hosting AGAIN- this time, it is through the school with our sister school, Komae High.

We are hosting a year 11 (probs) girl, Reina. She would probably attend most of Patrick, my brother's classes. I don't really have to worry about her- All I really do is share my room AGAIN, and keep it reasonably clean. I bet I would have to talk to her more and be used as a translator ._. For my brother and family.

♫ Have many creative projects in mind which I have to take action on.

Must. Get. Off. My. Lazy. @R$3.
Plus, I gotta do something about my vlogs @_@ and get into regular blogging again.
I'm also making homemade birthday presents to friends and need to practice my PhotoShop techniques.

So yeah, there we go.
Sorry for the long post but since I never had much done lately, enjoy ♥
Now, I got 17 days 4 hours left :D

Tiff x