Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wat up

I haven't got much to update about...about Japan that is.
I guess I'm more focused on other stuff for now. Like singing.
I'm kind of the awkward quiet girl who is average with piano so singing for my next assessment task is nerve-racking for me!
It's "Gotta Be Somebody" by Nickelback.
  1. I hate nickelback but my group chose it.
  2. The song is kind of hard because originally in a manly voice and the lyrics are tongue-twisting because the words are sort of hard to pronounce and there is many of them fit into a small sentence. Plus the chorus is confusing with the words, everyone, somebody, nobody, everybody- because it all sounds alike.
  3. My family is still new to the fact that I like singing a lot more so I feel like I can only practice when nobody is around.
My school laptop cover is looking pretty crap so I play around with photoshop and produced this:

I'm gonna up up slapping it on my laptop then...
While messing around, I research how to make GIFS so here is my first ever Gif!

Real simple but I was just experimenting :)

Tata, i'm sleepy~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update :)

I received two Japanese books from AFS, one for grammar and one for Kanji. So yay!
Tomorrow, I got to go to the Athletics carnival. I'm not going to participate but I get to dress up in mufti ;)

I'm just watching some videos of Austin X Justin from Ugly Betty! I love how sweet their relationship was. It was just so adorable and I cried yet again!  I miss Ugly Betty :') Equality for love :]

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I sleep nao~