Friday, March 11, 2011

Worry >_<"'

We all know about the tsunami and 8.9 earthquake in Japan.
What's with the disasters lately. There has been just so much :(
We have the Egypt and Libya thing.
The Christchurch earthquake.
The Queensland flood and cyclone.
Now this, in Japan.
Absolute madness.

I hosted two middle school boys,Shuto and Eito (Hachi) from Chuo-ku, Tokyo and I pray that they are okay :/ I only hosted them for a week but they are like my brothers. I miss them a lot and I love to reminisce on the times we spent together. 
Hopefully, I'll be able to convince AFS to let me visit them or ask my host family to come with me. If I go to Tokyo, I might be able to go to Disneyland with them or my school :D

I got my new camera though :)
It's pretty awesome.
As you can see there is a LCD screen on the front so I can take picture of me with friends and the main screen is touch screen!~ I love it :)
By the way, it's pink. I wanted to get black but they ran out so I choose pink.
It's not too bad though, not bad pink. It's a good pink :)

I had my last lesson with my usual Japanese teacher because she will be absent from school for a bit so I thanked her for teaching me today. She is really nice :) I guess I'll see her next year.
I also had my last day of P.d. but who cares?
I wish I had some P.E. before I go though :/
I'm competitive and I can't really be like that at class in Japan.
I don't wanna hurt the girls :P
It's strange being in a all girls private school because I feel as though if I stand out, I'll get pushed back into line plus I can't hang out with guys.
I like to use them as punching bags @_a~ and  they are nice to hug.

Speaking of hugging, If I meet any AFS or other exchange students, I'll greet them with a hug.
I am a hug addict but I don't want scare the Japanese people :P
In fact, here...*cyber-hug*

Had the best hot dog 'Hot Dog De Wheels' ever day! It was epic taste.

I only have like 11 days left, give or take :O
I'm nervous and excited!
The school is going to put me into the newsletter again and I'm going onto the school board :O
The departure date is so close, i feel as though I can just graze it with my fingertips.

Well, Buenas Noches everyone!
Tiff :3

[12/3] I added this video today cuz im not bothered to write a new post. I wanna watch anime, Gosick instead. XD


  1. OMG that freaking is disturbing. A WEEK BEFORE some people go to Japan. O_____O;;;
    I hope everyone is okay. T_____T;;
    Nice camera though. XD

  2. JAPAN SHALL BE FINE ^^ 2012 isnt here yet =P