Thursday, March 3, 2011

Presents for Host family

Hey, how ya going :)
I got some presents for my host family now. Not quite finished buying but yeah :P

So I got two eco friendly shopping bags with Australia on it for my host mum,
rubber wrist bands for nobody in particular,
a childrens picture book with pictures of Australian animals and plants for my host bro, 
a video of my life in Australia (school, family, home etc, put on a CD),
Tasmanian Lavender and Leatherwood Soap
T2 tea, Daintree flavour made from all Australian ingredients

There's nothing for my host daddy yet xD
I'm going to some markets to search for some Aussie stuff for him while buying some travel adaptors.

I wanna get this camera~

Samsung PL101 Digital Camera :D

Tata for now
Tiff x

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