Thursday, March 17, 2011

Okay, I visited the school counseller and stuff. I was thinking to much in class, my creepy maths teacher came around to my desk three times pestering me to do work and I just cracked and chillaxed outside with my friend. Got 3 periods off of school, chilled and cried with mates, didn't have to do a major essay and I got an awesome rest of the week.
What do I have to look forward to...during the time between now and my next departure date:
  • Dyeing Pink or cutting my hair punk-style.
  • Tomorrow's School Luna Park Excursion.
  • My Karaoke Chill Party on Sunday (previously farewell)
  • Possibly getting more ear piercings. ([somehowrelated] i <3 snakebites, they are hot)
  • Maybe going to Animania?
  • Punching my guy friends at school, cuz they can't fight back. >:D
  • Possibly getting a bf cuz the past couple months, I didn't want one due to distance issues.
  • Taking up music lessons-borrow a bass? exercise those vocal chords? my guitar?
  • Actually finish the Alice in Wonderland costume I was trying to make.
  • Finish the pink lacy skirt that I was making.
  • Go to a concert-what one though? Punk? Alternative? Folk?

My mum says there might be a chance that I'll go in a couple weeks and she'll work out some other options and alternatives but I don't wanna get my hopes up.
So yeah, I gotta wait possibly 5 days until I have my final desicion.

night everyone.
Anybody else, going through similiar situations, i hope you can feel my empathy.
Who ever you are, I love you :)
Just saying.


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