Friday, March 25, 2011

Howdy Ho :3

Howdy, everybody :D
So I had an awesome weekend.
Friday: Went to Luna Park for an science school excursion.
My favourite ride was The Flying Saucer. First time, I was so nervous and I was screaming my mouth dry but the second time, I was like "Yeah, brah, just chilling, with my arms crossed, with my guy friends, spinning around parallel to the ground. It's all good" ;D
One of my friends was close to tears on the lamest ride, the Ferris Wheel. Nawwww, she is so cute :3

Yeah, I was in that beast.

The enterance...that is more scary at night.
 Saturday: Went to my friend's birthday party.
That was fun :3
I won a jelly eating comp against two guys and i ran around in a crazy Japanese-ish costume at the mall. I saw some douche bags from school but meh.
Anyways, even though her birthday is already past, Happy Birthday, Rach :3

I. Hate. Flash. But meh.

Sunday: Supposedly-farewell-party-turned-chillaxing-karaoke party
My friends said they enjoyed it and we should have another random party.
I think I did more (crappy) dancing than singing :)
At first, some people were unsatisfied with the song choices because some of my friends like screamo and what not and some friends like Top 40. Well, it was all good in the end :) Awkward for my family+family friends cuz they were all upstairs and when some of them went downstairs for some food, they saw crazy things happen and couples making out hahaha.
Screamo song maybe. 'Chop Suey', probably or Slipknot. I really don't know nor remember

Yeah, I really want to dye my pink hair since I got until probably in August.
But recently, two (maybe 1.5 :P ) people in my school has popped out with pink hair I don't wanna look like I'm just following the trend....I wanted to dye it since hell long ago, so I'll probably throw in some blue or leave some parts blonde or what not.

just the inner lower half of my hair and my fringe.

Anyhoot, I'll best being going now.

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