Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hey guys,
Do you think I should write blogs more often?
I should really do some videos too~

Well...Today, I got really pissed off >:/
Two rebel guys keep saying "Ni Hao" and/or "Konnichiwa" to me, with the 'Asian praying hands' gesture for a while now and I haven't really cared about it much until this week.
These two guys are in my Geography, History, P.D. aaaand ICT class so I pretty much have to deal with them everyday and this greeting has intensified =_=.
 In class, I always think of ways to punch them without getting in trouble.
 I'm pretty sure my kick ass Geography teacher wouldn't care about it much.
 I gotta make sure he hears it though.
Then today, true reasons unknown two different ultimately douchey guys decided to cough into my hair, on their way out of the bus.
It's was super disgusting and I luckily got to kick one of them.
They are all just a bunch of jerks and I tried really really hard to just ignore it all but
tomorrow, I'm going to the year 10 advisor and hopefully, I'll get some sort of vengeance. ( is that the word?)

Just 12 days left for me :O:O
I'm really nervous that reality will be a bitch and I'm super duper excited ^^
I keep forgetting that I actually still have homework for school in the the midst of it all.

I'm hatin on Science because my brain just doesn't comprehend.
English is alright...if I like the topic like Shakespeare, I'll put more effort into it but 'To Kill An Mocking-Bird" is wayyy to boring. I just sit around in class like a...rock. I get told off by my friends but my brain is just sleepily hibernating~
This will be me until the day I leave :P
Anybody watched The Very Potter Musical?
Did you know Darren Criss as Harry first??
I gotta go now,
goodnight (where I am)
Tiff x


  1. wtf is wrong with those guys?!coughing in your hair?? they crazy or something

    i also have 12 more days~! xD

  2. Haha To Kill a Mockingbird and Shakespeare? I think every school has the same plan..
    The year advisors are pretty good, at least last time I went to them, 3 years ago :-/

  3. Those guys are unbelievable.
    Whilst I was getting squashed in the bus, the same two guys started talking oh-so-casually to me about yesterday. There wasn't any apology >:(