Thursday, February 24, 2011

Japanese Casual Talk~

I have studied Japanese for about 3-4 years now but I believed that what we usually learn in school is too polite and not really that useful on my trip to Japan.
Yes, I'm down with some of the basics but I'm a teenager!
I'm going to show you some casual speech and blah, blah, blah!~

  • ばか・BAKA Idiot No1 Japanese Word Lol
  • アホ・AHO Idiot! (More offensive than ばか, Unless you are in Osaka because It's switched) 
  • めっ!ME-  lol (Use in texts and social networking sites)
  • いけまんIKEMEN Hottie ;D (used by girls)
  • なんちゃってNANCHATTE Just kidding!
  • こんちゃKONCHA Hi
  • なかやしNAKAYASHI Best Friend!
  • 最高・さいこう・SAIKOU Great,Amazing
  • かっこいいKAKKOII Cool, but can also mean hot,good-looking,hottie~
  • すげえSUGEE The casual way of SUGOI、Amazing!
  • まぁねMA ANE Well....
  • つまんないTSUMANNAI The casual form of TSUMARANAI、Boring!
  • つまんええTSUMANNEE My effing god, it's super boring
  • うそUSO Really?!(Is that a lie?!)
  • ぶすBUSO Ugly,unattractive
  • てかTEKA By the way,also
  • とかTOKA And...and...and...
  • だってDATTE But...!!~~(Trying to push your point!) 
  • wwwwww It's like *laughter* Use while txting or using social network websites
  • しつこいね・SHITSUKOINE You're Annoying.
  • 痴漢・ちかん・CHIKAN Pervert, mostly referring to the ones on trains.
  • だめDAME Stop!
  • だいようDAIYOU I know right?!? (Used by males)
  • ね?NE? I know right?!? (Used by females)
  • がいじんGAIJIN Foreigner (Sometimes used as an insult)
  • おたく・OTAKU Geek, mainly referring to anime,manga,cosplay and video game kinds. 

ちかん is an amusing word. Means 'pervert' but really means train riding men who sexual touch females on trains. It happens all the bloody time.Typical situation is the middle-aged salaryman and a high school girl. It's weird, I know. だけど That's Japan. How do you prevent this? Go to the link here. Although this would only happen if you look Japanese...Because the men are scared of foreign girls anyway. Too confident in themselves or something.I dunno.

So there you go~
おめでとう(Congrats) You are now able to speak like you are 'hip' and able to protect yourselves from chikan. xD

Tiff x


  1. OH GOSH thank you! I'm going to try to learn some slang over there. Because yeah too much polite language is weird. xDD XDD And omg if I ever run into a Chikan on the train it's going to be hell. I'm in Tokyo, too. >____>;; That's gonna be awkward. Hopefully the men are really really afraid of foreign girls.

  2. xD haha, this was really helpful and funny~~~

  3. Ne! I has a question~ Oh sorry wait .. Hi! My name is Sofia >_o and I wanna go to the exchange for one year..but next year of course. I was wondering how you got your full scholarship (read it on the about you page xD)

  4. Hey Tiff it's Brigitta, sorry to correct you lol but it's Nakayoshi, not Nakoyoshi, and 'datte' either means 'I heard...' (at the end of sentences) or 'Because' (at the beginning of sentences)...

    btw to the poster Sofia, if you live in Sydney come onto my blogspot and gimme a shout :) I can get you in on it :)