Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm in the School Newsletter~

So I'm in the school newsletter and a couple of my friends told me they read it so yay~
I'm apparently going to be on the school board thingy at the front of my school later, when it is closer to my departure date.

I was messing around with my friends in an art classroom, waiting for our sport supervisor teacher. I chose to do a volunteer service instead of sport, so I help mentally disabled kids. Yesterday was really fun because they came to our school and we played in the assembly hall. My friend, Lloyd and I take care of a boy called Nick. He doesn't really talk but good to be around.
Anyways, as we were waiting my friend, Sherri was advertising for me. Lol.
She wrote my blog URL on small sticky notes and stuck it around the classroom.
We also wrote on the blackboard...
aaaaaaaaaaaaand I have a duck face. w/e xP Lolsum. Ne~kawaii janai!
I'm a bit more confident in this blog and I don't have the same cringing feeling when people I know tell me they have read it.

I don't have to pay for my school uniform. Yay!
My mother was worrying before about it because it is expensive.

I also got bought some clothes to use in J-pan.
  • Three comfortable cotton mens shirts to sleep in. So soft and comfy x3
  • Shorts with the Australian Flag because I don't quite appear know.
  • A bright green ski jacket which is super warm so w/e. *O* $250 Aus
  • Dr Martens boots-black with golden stars (being sent to my host family though)

I have my pyjama pants on. Rare occasion *wink wink*

Anyhoot, Nighty Night :)

Tiff x


  1. Oh my gawwwd, gimme those men shirts. Sleeping with pants on is a pain! but I guess that will change with my host family XD haha

  2. Oh good thing you don't have to pay for your uniform! I still don't know if I have to pay for mine. O______O;; And that ski jacket looks comfortable. :)

  3. Yukari-No they are mine XD I agree! lmao wwww

    Zakiyya-it is really comfy~~wwww