Tuesday, February 15, 2011

やった!I'm going to Hokkaido!

Hey There!
I finally got my host family and read their profile!
My host family lives in Sapporo, Hokkaido and are laid-back and casual.
I have a little brother too~
The weather should be nice and cool during summer :)
Home to the miso ramen and known for the seafood!~~
I'll be staying there until July and I'll try make the most of it!

マスコットキャラクター タッピー
My prefecture's mascot! An onion fairy XD
The school I'm with is a private Protestant girls high school and we have to do Bible study. I never been to a private school before and Japanese private school are pretty elite!
For extra-curricular activities, I'm probably going to soccer, kyudo, tea ceremony or English speaking society.
I can't wait to go and meet my host family, schoolmates and other AFSers!

I hope my fellow AFSers get their host families soon.
There are still people waiting and I understand their feelings.

I only know one person from Sapporo....
I don't know if he will be friendly with me though.

Anyways, I'll go now x3
I can't wait to go!~
35 days :3