Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Australian Heat && First day of school

Finally, Today was the first day of school.
I could see my friends and make new ones and stuff.
But my face is still very sunburnt and I already have school photos tomorrow. (TT~TT).
My nose is bright red and I can't cover it up with make-up!
It sucks !~~~~~~
I went into the wrong class.
Totally cool with it, lol.
I don't get a year 10 formal .... >_>

I had to walk home in the Australian heat.

Planning my karaoke farewell party and guests. It's not really a party, more like a chillaxing gathering.
Oh em gee, 49 days :O
So close yet so far :S.

Have been think about host families; my own family's performance and the identity of my Japanese host family.

Uh,,, hair flicks are hawt.

bye xD

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