Thursday, February 24, 2011

Japanese Casual Talk~

I have studied Japanese for about 3-4 years now but I believed that what we usually learn in school is too polite and not really that useful on my trip to Japan.
Yes, I'm down with some of the basics but I'm a teenager!
I'm going to show you some casual speech and blah, blah, blah!~

  • ばか・BAKA Idiot No1 Japanese Word Lol
  • アホ・AHO Idiot! (More offensive than ばか, Unless you are in Osaka because It's switched) 
  • めっ!ME-  lol (Use in texts and social networking sites)
  • いけまんIKEMEN Hottie ;D (used by girls)
  • なんちゃってNANCHATTE Just kidding!
  • こんちゃKONCHA Hi
  • なかやしNAKAYASHI Best Friend!
  • 最高・さいこう・SAIKOU Great,Amazing
  • かっこいいKAKKOII Cool, but can also mean hot,good-looking,hottie~
  • すげえSUGEE The casual way of SUGOI、Amazing!
  • まぁねMA ANE Well....
  • つまんないTSUMANNAI The casual form of TSUMARANAI、Boring!
  • つまんええTSUMANNEE My effing god, it's super boring
  • うそUSO Really?!(Is that a lie?!)
  • ぶすBUSO Ugly,unattractive
  • てかTEKA By the way,also
  • とかTOKA And...and...and...
  • だってDATTE But...!!~~(Trying to push your point!) 
  • wwwwww It's like *laughter* Use while txting or using social network websites
  • しつこいね・SHITSUKOINE You're Annoying.
  • 痴漢・ちかん・CHIKAN Pervert, mostly referring to the ones on trains.
  • だめDAME Stop!
  • だいようDAIYOU I know right?!? (Used by males)
  • ね?NE? I know right?!? (Used by females)
  • がいじんGAIJIN Foreigner (Sometimes used as an insult)
  • おたく・OTAKU Geek, mainly referring to anime,manga,cosplay and video game kinds. 

ちかん is an amusing word. Means 'pervert' but really means train riding men who sexual touch females on trains. It happens all the bloody time.Typical situation is the middle-aged salaryman and a high school girl. It's weird, I know. だけど That's Japan. How do you prevent this? Go to the link here. Although this would only happen if you look Japanese...Because the men are scared of foreign girls anyway. Too confident in themselves or something.I dunno.

So there you go~
おめでとう(Congrats) You are now able to speak like you are 'hip' and able to protect yourselves from chikan. xD

Tiff x

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm in the School Newsletter~

So I'm in the school newsletter and a couple of my friends told me they read it so yay~
I'm apparently going to be on the school board thingy at the front of my school later, when it is closer to my departure date.

I was messing around with my friends in an art classroom, waiting for our sport supervisor teacher. I chose to do a volunteer service instead of sport, so I help mentally disabled kids. Yesterday was really fun because they came to our school and we played in the assembly hall. My friend, Lloyd and I take care of a boy called Nick. He doesn't really talk but good to be around.
Anyways, as we were waiting my friend, Sherri was advertising for me. Lol.
She wrote my blog URL on small sticky notes and stuck it around the classroom.
We also wrote on the blackboard...
aaaaaaaaaaaaand I have a duck face. w/e xP Lolsum. Ne~kawaii janai!
I'm a bit more confident in this blog and I don't have the same cringing feeling when people I know tell me they have read it.

I don't have to pay for my school uniform. Yay!
My mother was worrying before about it because it is expensive.

I also got bought some clothes to use in J-pan.
  • Three comfortable cotton mens shirts to sleep in. So soft and comfy x3
  • Shorts with the Australian Flag because I don't quite appear know.
  • A bright green ski jacket which is super warm so w/e. *O* $250 Aus
  • Dr Martens boots-black with golden stars (being sent to my host family though)

I have my pyjama pants on. Rare occasion *wink wink*

Anyhoot, Nighty Night :)

Tiff x

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

やった!I'm going to Hokkaido!

Hey There!
I finally got my host family and read their profile!
My host family lives in Sapporo, Hokkaido and are laid-back and casual.
I have a little brother too~
The weather should be nice and cool during summer :)
Home to the miso ramen and known for the seafood!~~
I'll be staying there until July and I'll try make the most of it!

マスコットキャラクター タッピー
My prefecture's mascot! An onion fairy XD
The school I'm with is a private Protestant girls high school and we have to do Bible study. I never been to a private school before and Japanese private school are pretty elite!
For extra-curricular activities, I'm probably going to soccer, kyudo, tea ceremony or English speaking society.
I can't wait to go and meet my host family, schoolmates and other AFSers!

I hope my fellow AFSers get their host families soon.
There are still people waiting and I understand their feelings.

I only know one person from Sapporo....
I don't know if he will be friendly with me though.

Anyways, I'll go now x3
I can't wait to go!~
35 days :3

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Australian Heat && First day of school

Finally, Today was the first day of school.
I could see my friends and make new ones and stuff.
But my face is still very sunburnt and I already have school photos tomorrow. (TT~TT).
My nose is bright red and I can't cover it up with make-up!
It sucks !~~~~~~
I went into the wrong class.
Totally cool with it, lol.
I don't get a year 10 formal .... >_>

I had to walk home in the Australian heat.

Planning my karaoke farewell party and guests. It's not really a party, more like a chillaxing gathering.
Oh em gee, 49 days :O
So close yet so far :S.

Have been think about host families; my own family's performance and the identity of my Japanese host family.

Uh,,, hair flicks are hawt.

bye xD