Sunday, January 23, 2011

What to Expect...

I've been asked why does my URL include eatingualive.
The answer is simple.
I like zombies.
I have a few zombie games on my iPod touch and sometimes I play Combat Arms and Call of Duty (even though I'm a total n00b)
It also relates to my liking of dinosaurs.
It is a year 7 thing between my strange awesome friend and I.

Getting to the topic now.
What should someone expect?
Expect the unexpected.
You know that usually going over seas there is something that makes your native country and your host country different.

Let me introduce you to the AFS iceberg! Being with AFS you will see this diagram a few times.
As we all know, you might only see the tip of the iceberg if you eversee one however there is a whole lot more under the surface.

It's one of those, "Don't judge a book by its cover" things.
Now, fellow exchange student or volunteer, go outside, breath and think :)
You are free to day dream.
I'm a strange kid.
Deal with it :D

I got to write a letter to the Japanese Government now '~'
Due in two weeks.


  1. Ouch! Does your letter to the Japanese government have to be in Japanese or English? You posted up some very useful information here. Thanks. 8D

  2. Your Welcome :) My letter has to be in English, and someone else translates it to Japanese...I think xP