Monday, January 17, 2011

What I'll miss about Autralia :'] + I"M SORRY MY BLOG POSTS ARE LONG :S

Hey people!

Today, one of my fellow AFSers sent me a link on facebook for the AFS Japan 2011~2012.
Apparently, I have been told the wrong date and I'm leaving on the 23rd of March, not 25th.
When I arrive in Tokyo, I'll be there for an orientation camp with 100~200 other students from all over the world! So I'm super-duper excited!! Hopefully I won't be my quiet self and just go and make friends :)

I got little notepad to ask people to write their names and contact info so I can remember their names because not only Japanese names hard to remember, but I also meet many other exchange students.
Some from New Zealand, Malaysia, USA, France, and many other countries.
The girl I was hosting before, Mai, had one too and she used it to remember everyone ;P

I know when I'm in Japan, I'll probably get homesick at some point so here is what I'll miss :')

1. My friends and family.
I'll miss my friends that I act crazy and weird with *coughbrontecough*.
And I'll miss my mummy as everyone would xD
Plus, my feline and k9 sibilings :3 nyan~

2. Food.
As much as I love animals, I love eating meat! My last birthday, I requested to eat steak :P
In Australia, food portions are big and with my family being Chinese, there is always a lot of food and two person serving for one. Lately, I have slowly trained myself to became full quickly and with less food, but Japanese dishes are pretty small '3'. The staple foods of Japan is rice and dinner mainly consists of vegetables and fish.
Australian vegetables also has more 'flavour' as some Japanese friends have told me.

3. Changing my appearance.
In Japan, Everyone must have black hair (tied up if long), clear nails and no makeup.
I had the urge to dye my hair pink lately but I can't do it! It'll only be pink for two months then I have to it to black.
Being a stereotypical Australian or exchange student, you'll be fine because you are not Asian and you are allowed to have your normal hair colour.
However, being Asian blood, I must have black hair which sucks 'cause my natural hair is brown.
I'll probably sneak some concealer on :P

4. Internet.

I know, that's pretty sad.
But my place has really fast internet.
I don't want to use up my host family's internet and take advantage of genorisity.

5. Not Vegemite.
That stuff is really salty and should only be consumed in small portions.

6. [UPDATE] I'll miss my baby~
By baby, I mean my guitar :P
It's kinda crappy and made for begineer but I love it <3
Also my baby grand piano...:P
I love music <3

I'm sorry if you think my posts are long :/
I just try to get a point across :o
Although sometimes I talk about rubbish :P
Now with school holidays, I kind of write a lot because of so much time but during my stay in Japan, it's be sweet and short with a lot more pictures.

Just by the way, I found some bloggers that you can read too.
They are also going to Japan with AFS during 2011-2012.

1.:D (New Zealand)
2.The Japanese Dream (USA)
3.Off to the land of the Rising Sun! (USA)
So you can go check them out too :)

{EDIT[13/2/11]}: More AFS blogs listed in the Links Page ;D


  1. I will also miss a lot of things about USA but what else can we do, WE LOVE JAPAN!!

    BTW. thank you for talk about my blog in your blog, actually you just game me that idea, I will make a post on other AFSers blogs.



  2. Haha, hey >__< That's me XD Heh, hope to see you in tokyo

  3. greetings from norway!
    looking forward to meet you in tokyo! :D

  4. Yay~~
    I can't wait to meet everyone :3