Sunday, January 9, 2011

Update on my School Holidays

Hello There, みんな!~


So for the last three days, I've been in the city.
First day, to hang out with my friend/jei jei. We just talked about Japan and things like that. She is super duper nice! We ate sushi at the end, and we ordered sea urchin.まずい! It had such a weird wet taste like a tongue.きもい!

Second day, I was running in a mock Amazing Race event. We were supposed to dress up but only two people went to full costume but I was in a Japanese otaku-ish school uniform and the other chick was a ninja. She blended in pretty well in all black whereas I stood out like a sore thumb with my big red bow, pigtails and large fake glasses. I didn't know anyone there except for my friend from before because they were part of the 2 week JENESEYS program whereas I'm in the year program.
Some of them asked if I was Japanese and they commented on my eye colour. My eyes are a lighter brown than usual on an Asian. My family is just like that but I'm the lightest hence more noticeable.
When people stare into your eyes, it like a foggy window. It's hard to explain.

The third day, I went to random places in the CBD with my new family member, Duc. I wanted to go to the Sydney Festival in Hyde Park but apparently that particular event was one day only and almost everything was gone! The thing seemed pretty big so I though it'll stay there but apparently not. The rest of the fest last over 2-3 weeks but in different locations in the CBD. Duc was asleep on the train on the way home so I had to poke him awake before we got off lol.

Started from the 8th of January, we are hosting Duc from Germany. He has a Vietnamese background and has a passion for music. He sleeps in my room, so until March, I have to sleep in my mum's room. I've had a little trouble sleeping but it's alright. Maybe It'll be more uncomfortable when I sleep in Japan. Who knows although I want to sleep on a futon. He is a bit quiet but he only had him for three days so far, he is yet to open up.

For the next two weeks, my mum is having a holiday from work. So she can hang out with me!~
We are planning to make meals together from a cookbook she got for Christmas. She also said that I should make dinner for everyone by myself. I'm not sure as to what to make though. Yakisoba? Last time, I made oyakudon, which tasted pretty good :)
She also told Duc to cook something before I go to 日本. He said that if I eat it, I might not be able to go xP.

Before the school holidays end, I think I should finish making one piece of clothing. I got fabric and patterns for a Lolita-like skirt and an Alice in Wonderland cosplay. However I just haven't be bother to set up the sewing machine and finish it. Same with the little felt toys I was going to make. *sigh*

I also go to lose a little weight. I've been told that I am thin but that's only to make me feel good about myself. I'm sort of thin in Australia but Japanese girls...enough said.
Asians are supposed to have a lower BMI because of the extra layer of fat (hence the 'monolid', although I don't have any). I hope I adapt to the Japanese diet but usually exchange students gain weight. In Japan, there are a lot of snacks and vending machines. In short, temptation.
I find it hard to stick to a exercise regime...Must. Get. Fit.

Sorry, because I'm not really talking about student exchange or anything that benefits you or whatever but until the week before I leave, there is pretty much nothing to write about in particular.

However, please follow and comment. Your help is appreciated. If you have any questions or suggestions, share and I'll see what i can do. If you want to voice your opinion, do it! I'll put it in a blog post.
My hopes are high that this will improve later and I'll get a reasonable amount of views. Last time I checked my all time view were 70 and this blog has been going for 1 month. However, comments and followers remain at zero.
It's probably because I'm not confident enough to give the link to everyone on Facebook yet until I write more.
I'll tell the language head teacher to mention it in the school newsletter. She was going to write about me anyway. She does a great job for the school and she helped me with my paper works and recommendations.

Just by the way, I think I would like to be a language teacher too. I guess I have to learn another language too. Perhaps, German or Korean because it's a challenge. I'm not sure I'll stick to that goal though. After the exchange, I might have different dreams and goals.

Tiff :)

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