Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quickie ;D

Lol, It's approx. 10:43 p.m. but meh.

I edited some bits and pieces.
I'm pretty happy now :)
I gained a couple followers and the page views are increased :)
Strangely enough, more people from America has read this blog than Australia :P That's cool with me :)
I think we should have a 'like' button.  I want to like comments~

I really should write more.
I got the topics inside my head and sometimes I start drafts but finishing it all is a different matter :P
Damn you, facespace.
Met up with some indecisive 2 week Jenesys people.
Everyone is pretty awesome.
I watched Green Hornet with 2 other peeps, then went to karaoke and lunch :)
Green's my favourite colour :D
I didn't really talk much but yeah.
It's great to just chillax.
One of these people, I met at an AFS camp and she's とても やさしい
{Andrew, your phone is not bright red}

Trying to build up my communication skills so I can speak to people I don't know just casually.
Awkward is my curse.
However, I think my 'face2face' talking is better than online chatting.
Chat is hard to convey emotions and tone.
I like meeting new people but I has troubles with my words and running conversations smoothly.
It's the geek in me to blame.

The German guy I'm hosting is.... I don't know.
Not. Quite. Adapting...?
He has some kewl music skills though :)

Enjoying the sweet sounds of Yann Tierson and David Choi <3

Well, good night.

Tiffany :3

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