Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Australia Day

G'day :3
Yesterday was Australia Day :D
Here's a bit of a run down for global readers. We celebrate the 26th of Jan, for the foundation of Australia when Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in Australia with the 'first fleet' after Captain Cook discovered and claimed Australia for the British Empire. Kind of boring actually. Pretty much a lot of white people invading and taking land for themselves to dump convicts. Nobody really cares about the meaning though. It's just another national public holiday. Great for going to the beach, having a BBQ and do summer stuff.

Still, as an Australian, I still celebrated and went to the beach, at Stanwell Park, in the Royal National Park.
There the water is cool and waves are... not suitable for bikini wearers but great for diving into or floating over whilst in the correct gear. It's defiantly not for people who can't hold their breath because of constant wipeouts xD
I love that beach, usually it's not crowded and I like chilling there and going on my body board.
However, yesterday, many people were enjoying themselves and I just went with the flow of things.
Also, it was the first time for Duc to get into Sydney waters and enjoy Australia Day.

When I was back at home, I thought I was just tan but apparently, I got super DUPER sun burnt! T~T"'
There was intense pain on my back because I was wearing a singlet. I couldn't sleep properly on my back and slept for few hours with my (also slightly sun burnt) face on the pillow in which I absolutely loathed!

Today, I went out with a friend to just chillax in an Asian town~
She is so tall compared to me =~= (i'm 5'4)
We got some purikura pics and drank Uji Matcha tea + pearls @ Chatime.
I also got back to her pace for la swim which was great!
She said my skin was really red and I absolutely agree.
Oh~the pain XoX
She is also going to host a Japanese girl too but it's through the school not AFS.

Anyways, I don't like being sun burnt or even tan.
Tanning is a terrible trend of sunburntness, dying skin cells, wrinkles and skin cancer.
However in many east Asian countries such as Japan, the women (and sometimes men) prefer the white pale bright skin yet that is still pretty dangerous if you desperate.
Some bleach their skins and some stay out of the sun at all costs, carrying an umbrella, rain or shine.
You are who you are and protect what you have.
So kids, put on some sunscreen and have fun basking in vitamin D (?). Don't stay out too long though :P
Last few days been pretty hot~

bye :3

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