Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dealing with Discrimation☮

On New Years Day, I've encountered a bit of 'fried rice' racism while having a leisurely time with family.'Bogans'.
So instead of rambling on about my yearning to do some quite unlady-like gestures and so forth. My mum ignored them. Wise choice.

This relates to student exchange because no matter which country you are at there is discrimination, whether it is race, gender, sexuality, age, religion etc. Everyone is different, and no two souls are the same. Despite that, we are all human. We are all made of carbon. I hope.

Nobody deserves to suffer the exclusion due to something they personally chose or was born with. Yes, even celebrities such as Justin Beiber. I dislike his music but hearing/reading people hating on him is a bummer. How can you hate someone who is just human? Everyone has love, hate and emotions.
As a student exchange, you stand out and you won't go by unnoticed in the first few weeks. You might meet some less friendly people along your way but that's life. That is the plain reality.
So let's find out about how to deal with it!
After doing a little bit of research on the net, I found some tips.

  • Fight wrong with wrong.
Please don't try to resolve the situation with muggle duelling physical/verbal/emotional abuse. It'll make just things worst. Hold the anger. Maybe scream into your pillow when you get home is a good way to let in out. Then again, the anger has probably already flowed out.
  • Ignore it and walk away.
 Don't let it get under your skin. Subconsciousness is inevitable but no matter who you are, being different is not an imperfection. Don't give the offender the satisfation. They'll just keep going. Don't even think about it. If you can, walk to your friends.
  • If the comments are persistent, tell someone with authority or in our cases, the student exchange organisation.
Get in contact with someone about it. Even if they go unpunished, most likely someone will keep an eye out.
report it if it's online. You can't let someone else play with your strings, you are not a puppet. If you don't feel confident about it, discuss it with a friend and they can get help for you.

So yeah :D

I have been looking up how to write blogs as well. I gain more info on this. I hope I get better ^^
You know, I'm really afraid of people i know knowing me on the internet and how they think about it.
Like my Youtube Channel and this.
It's fine if it's someone I don't know but i get heeby-jeebies when people tell me they read my stuff or watch my videos.
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