Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Australia Day

G'day :3
Yesterday was Australia Day :D
Here's a bit of a run down for global readers. We celebrate the 26th of Jan, for the foundation of Australia when Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in Australia with the 'first fleet' after Captain Cook discovered and claimed Australia for the British Empire. Kind of boring actually. Pretty much a lot of white people invading and taking land for themselves to dump convicts. Nobody really cares about the meaning though. It's just another national public holiday. Great for going to the beach, having a BBQ and do summer stuff.

Still, as an Australian, I still celebrated and went to the beach, at Stanwell Park, in the Royal National Park.
There the water is cool and waves are... not suitable for bikini wearers but great for diving into or floating over whilst in the correct gear. It's defiantly not for people who can't hold their breath because of constant wipeouts xD
I love that beach, usually it's not crowded and I like chilling there and going on my body board.
However, yesterday, many people were enjoying themselves and I just went with the flow of things.
Also, it was the first time for Duc to get into Sydney waters and enjoy Australia Day.

When I was back at home, I thought I was just tan but apparently, I got super DUPER sun burnt! T~T"'
There was intense pain on my back because I was wearing a singlet. I couldn't sleep properly on my back and slept for few hours with my (also slightly sun burnt) face on the pillow in which I absolutely loathed!

Today, I went out with a friend to just chillax in an Asian town~
She is so tall compared to me =~= (i'm 5'4)
We got some purikura pics and drank Uji Matcha tea + pearls @ Chatime.
I also got back to her pace for la swim which was great!
She said my skin was really red and I absolutely agree.
Oh~the pain XoX
She is also going to host a Japanese girl too but it's through the school not AFS.

Anyways, I don't like being sun burnt or even tan.
Tanning is a terrible trend of sunburntness, dying skin cells, wrinkles and skin cancer.
However in many east Asian countries such as Japan, the women (and sometimes men) prefer the white pale bright skin yet that is still pretty dangerous if you desperate.
Some bleach their skins and some stay out of the sun at all costs, carrying an umbrella, rain or shine.
You are who you are and protect what you have.
So kids, put on some sunscreen and have fun basking in vitamin D (?). Don't stay out too long though :P
Last few days been pretty hot~

bye :3

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What to Expect...

I've been asked why does my URL include eatingualive.
The answer is simple.
I like zombies.
I have a few zombie games on my iPod touch and sometimes I play Combat Arms and Call of Duty (even though I'm a total n00b)
It also relates to my liking of dinosaurs.
It is a year 7 thing between my strange awesome friend and I.

Getting to the topic now.
What should someone expect?
Expect the unexpected.
You know that usually going over seas there is something that makes your native country and your host country different.

Let me introduce you to the AFS iceberg! Being with AFS you will see this diagram a few times.
As we all know, you might only see the tip of the iceberg if you eversee one however there is a whole lot more under the surface.

It's one of those, "Don't judge a book by its cover" things.
Now, fellow exchange student or volunteer, go outside, breath and think :)
You are free to day dream.
I'm a strange kid.
Deal with it :D

I got to write a letter to the Japanese Government now '~'
Due in two weeks.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quickie ;D

Lol, It's approx. 10:43 p.m. but meh.

I edited some bits and pieces.
I'm pretty happy now :)
I gained a couple followers and the page views are increased :)
Strangely enough, more people from America has read this blog than Australia :P That's cool with me :)
I think we should have a 'like' button.  I want to like comments~

I really should write more.
I got the topics inside my head and sometimes I start drafts but finishing it all is a different matter :P
Damn you, facespace.
Met up with some indecisive 2 week Jenesys people.
Everyone is pretty awesome.
I watched Green Hornet with 2 other peeps, then went to karaoke and lunch :)
Green's my favourite colour :D
I didn't really talk much but yeah.
It's great to just chillax.
One of these people, I met at an AFS camp and she's とても やさしい
{Andrew, your phone is not bright red}

Trying to build up my communication skills so I can speak to people I don't know just casually.
Awkward is my curse.
However, I think my 'face2face' talking is better than online chatting.
Chat is hard to convey emotions and tone.
I like meeting new people but I has troubles with my words and running conversations smoothly.
It's the geek in me to blame.

The German guy I'm hosting is.... I don't know.
Not. Quite. Adapting...?
He has some kewl music skills though :)

Enjoying the sweet sounds of Yann Tierson and David Choi <3

Well, good night.

Tiffany :3

Monday, January 17, 2011

What I'll miss about Autralia :'] + I"M SORRY MY BLOG POSTS ARE LONG :S

Hey people!

Today, one of my fellow AFSers sent me a link on facebook for the AFS Japan 2011~2012.
Apparently, I have been told the wrong date and I'm leaving on the 23rd of March, not 25th.
When I arrive in Tokyo, I'll be there for an orientation camp with 100~200 other students from all over the world! So I'm super-duper excited!! Hopefully I won't be my quiet self and just go and make friends :)

I got little notepad to ask people to write their names and contact info so I can remember their names because not only Japanese names hard to remember, but I also meet many other exchange students.
Some from New Zealand, Malaysia, USA, France, and many other countries.
The girl I was hosting before, Mai, had one too and she used it to remember everyone ;P

I know when I'm in Japan, I'll probably get homesick at some point so here is what I'll miss :')

1. My friends and family.
I'll miss my friends that I act crazy and weird with *coughbrontecough*.
And I'll miss my mummy as everyone would xD
Plus, my feline and k9 sibilings :3 nyan~

2. Food.
As much as I love animals, I love eating meat! My last birthday, I requested to eat steak :P
In Australia, food portions are big and with my family being Chinese, there is always a lot of food and two person serving for one. Lately, I have slowly trained myself to became full quickly and with less food, but Japanese dishes are pretty small '3'. The staple foods of Japan is rice and dinner mainly consists of vegetables and fish.
Australian vegetables also has more 'flavour' as some Japanese friends have told me.

3. Changing my appearance.
In Japan, Everyone must have black hair (tied up if long), clear nails and no makeup.
I had the urge to dye my hair pink lately but I can't do it! It'll only be pink for two months then I have to it to black.
Being a stereotypical Australian or exchange student, you'll be fine because you are not Asian and you are allowed to have your normal hair colour.
However, being Asian blood, I must have black hair which sucks 'cause my natural hair is brown.
I'll probably sneak some concealer on :P

4. Internet.

I know, that's pretty sad.
But my place has really fast internet.
I don't want to use up my host family's internet and take advantage of genorisity.

5. Not Vegemite.
That stuff is really salty and should only be consumed in small portions.

6. [UPDATE] I'll miss my baby~
By baby, I mean my guitar :P
It's kinda crappy and made for begineer but I love it <3
Also my baby grand piano...:P
I love music <3

I'm sorry if you think my posts are long :/
I just try to get a point across :o
Although sometimes I talk about rubbish :P
Now with school holidays, I kind of write a lot because of so much time but during my stay in Japan, it's be sweet and short with a lot more pictures.

Just by the way, I found some bloggers that you can read too.
They are also going to Japan with AFS during 2011-2012.

1.:D (New Zealand)
2.The Japanese Dream (USA)
3.Off to the land of the Rising Sun! (USA)
So you can go check them out too :)

{EDIT[13/2/11]}: More AFS blogs listed in the Links Page ;D

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Update on my School Holidays

Hello There, みんな!~


So for the last three days, I've been in the city.
First day, to hang out with my friend/jei jei. We just talked about Japan and things like that. She is super duper nice! We ate sushi at the end, and we ordered sea urchin.まずい! It had such a weird wet taste like a tongue.きもい!

Second day, I was running in a mock Amazing Race event. We were supposed to dress up but only two people went to full costume but I was in a Japanese otaku-ish school uniform and the other chick was a ninja. She blended in pretty well in all black whereas I stood out like a sore thumb with my big red bow, pigtails and large fake glasses. I didn't know anyone there except for my friend from before because they were part of the 2 week JENESEYS program whereas I'm in the year program.
Some of them asked if I was Japanese and they commented on my eye colour. My eyes are a lighter brown than usual on an Asian. My family is just like that but I'm the lightest hence more noticeable.
When people stare into your eyes, it like a foggy window. It's hard to explain.

The third day, I went to random places in the CBD with my new family member, Duc. I wanted to go to the Sydney Festival in Hyde Park but apparently that particular event was one day only and almost everything was gone! The thing seemed pretty big so I though it'll stay there but apparently not. The rest of the fest last over 2-3 weeks but in different locations in the CBD. Duc was asleep on the train on the way home so I had to poke him awake before we got off lol.

Started from the 8th of January, we are hosting Duc from Germany. He has a Vietnamese background and has a passion for music. He sleeps in my room, so until March, I have to sleep in my mum's room. I've had a little trouble sleeping but it's alright. Maybe It'll be more uncomfortable when I sleep in Japan. Who knows although I want to sleep on a futon. He is a bit quiet but he only had him for three days so far, he is yet to open up.

For the next two weeks, my mum is having a holiday from work. So she can hang out with me!~
We are planning to make meals together from a cookbook she got for Christmas. She also said that I should make dinner for everyone by myself. I'm not sure as to what to make though. Yakisoba? Last time, I made oyakudon, which tasted pretty good :)
She also told Duc to cook something before I go to 日本. He said that if I eat it, I might not be able to go xP.

Before the school holidays end, I think I should finish making one piece of clothing. I got fabric and patterns for a Lolita-like skirt and an Alice in Wonderland cosplay. However I just haven't be bother to set up the sewing machine and finish it. Same with the little felt toys I was going to make. *sigh*

I also go to lose a little weight. I've been told that I am thin but that's only to make me feel good about myself. I'm sort of thin in Australia but Japanese girls...enough said.
Asians are supposed to have a lower BMI because of the extra layer of fat (hence the 'monolid', although I don't have any). I hope I adapt to the Japanese diet but usually exchange students gain weight. In Japan, there are a lot of snacks and vending machines. In short, temptation.
I find it hard to stick to a exercise regime...Must. Get. Fit.

Sorry, because I'm not really talking about student exchange or anything that benefits you or whatever but until the week before I leave, there is pretty much nothing to write about in particular.

However, please follow and comment. Your help is appreciated. If you have any questions or suggestions, share and I'll see what i can do. If you want to voice your opinion, do it! I'll put it in a blog post.
My hopes are high that this will improve later and I'll get a reasonable amount of views. Last time I checked my all time view were 70 and this blog has been going for 1 month. However, comments and followers remain at zero.
It's probably because I'm not confident enough to give the link to everyone on Facebook yet until I write more.
I'll tell the language head teacher to mention it in the school newsletter. She was going to write about me anyway. She does a great job for the school and she helped me with my paper works and recommendations.

Just by the way, I think I would like to be a language teacher too. I guess I have to learn another language too. Perhaps, German or Korean because it's a challenge. I'm not sure I'll stick to that goal though. After the exchange, I might have different dreams and goals.

Tiff :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dealing with Discrimation☮

On New Years Day, I've encountered a bit of 'fried rice' racism while having a leisurely time with family.'Bogans'.
So instead of rambling on about my yearning to do some quite unlady-like gestures and so forth. My mum ignored them. Wise choice.

This relates to student exchange because no matter which country you are at there is discrimination, whether it is race, gender, sexuality, age, religion etc. Everyone is different, and no two souls are the same. Despite that, we are all human. We are all made of carbon. I hope.

Nobody deserves to suffer the exclusion due to something they personally chose or was born with. Yes, even celebrities such as Justin Beiber. I dislike his music but hearing/reading people hating on him is a bummer. How can you hate someone who is just human? Everyone has love, hate and emotions.
As a student exchange, you stand out and you won't go by unnoticed in the first few weeks. You might meet some less friendly people along your way but that's life. That is the plain reality.
So let's find out about how to deal with it!
After doing a little bit of research on the net, I found some tips.

  • Fight wrong with wrong.
Please don't try to resolve the situation with muggle duelling physical/verbal/emotional abuse. It'll make just things worst. Hold the anger. Maybe scream into your pillow when you get home is a good way to let in out. Then again, the anger has probably already flowed out.
  • Ignore it and walk away.
 Don't let it get under your skin. Subconsciousness is inevitable but no matter who you are, being different is not an imperfection. Don't give the offender the satisfation. They'll just keep going. Don't even think about it. If you can, walk to your friends.
  • If the comments are persistent, tell someone with authority or in our cases, the student exchange organisation.
Get in contact with someone about it. Even if they go unpunished, most likely someone will keep an eye out.
report it if it's online. You can't let someone else play with your strings, you are not a puppet. If you don't feel confident about it, discuss it with a friend and they can get help for you.

So yeah :D

I have been looking up how to write blogs as well. I gain more info on this. I hope I get better ^^
You know, I'm really afraid of people i know knowing me on the internet and how they think about it.
Like my Youtube Channel and this.
It's fine if it's someone I don't know but i get heeby-jeebies when people tell me they read my stuff or watch my videos.
By the way, if you like my blogs, please follow or comment :)