Sunday, December 18, 2011

My JENESYS Weekend in Tokyo

Okay so this weekend I travelled to Tokyo! It was so fun and tiring!
So let the recount begin.
I started with the numb awaking at 5 am in the morning on Saturday morning.
I was supposed to wake up at 6 but I set my alarm earlier because I know that I am difficult to move out of bed in the morning. Even more so because of the freaking cold.
Somehow I got up and shoved a load of clothes into one luggage just for the one night trip.
Left the house at 6:45 to set off to the subway.
Arrived in Odori, The city's center and walked to the JR station. (express train)
I was kind of annoying that my luggage would make sounds from rolling over the bumps in the pavement but yeah, barely making it on time I found the other 8 AFS students in front of Mister Donut, A popular meeting spot.
After waiting a bit and buying breakfast from 'Kiosk', Jumped on to the JR to the New Chitose Airport.
I sat with my best friend of all the exchange students, Pachi (his nickname) and a girl from Hungary :)
We just chatted and yeah, took pictures.
On the plane, I sat next to the Hungarian girl and was just bored listening to my ipod, writing a report most of the time. Lucky It was just one hour though.
At the airport, we met up with 3 other people from different Hokkaido areas and

(so long, and im really tired, i will finish later)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I have a feeling it is gonna be a great day^^
Firstly I woke up feeling pretty genki despite the cold!
Snow came back!
I love being the first to walk on untreaden snow♪
I have got my fluffy hat、red scarf、brown bag,purple gloves and ugg boots so I am very mismatched but function over fashion、yeah?!
Plus my hair is a total mess but I dont give a crap♪
Just keep listening to A Day To Remember and the Strokes.
OK、Im almost going to leave the train station. So gloves back on.
Love you guys、

Okay so I'm back wtiring once again with a bit of information sharing about Japanese school life through a bit of experience with it today.

So In Japan, everyone is required to do PE until the end of school.
Sometimes they change in the classroom, well, at least I know that the girls at my school do, even though there is a change room.
Most of my class usually changes in the change rooms, but today, In search of my friend in a different class to ask what she had next period and she had PE.
I didn't see it before, I realized, I opened the door to a class of upperclass(wo) men changing...
I felt really embarrassed but i remembered I was a girl too.
Awkward still.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Yes、those are my owl pajamas! 
Lately, I′ve been really inspired to work harder on my japanese and to achieve my goals.
For example, conversations with my host grandmother,my せんぱいs (upperclassmen),other exchange students and movies!So Im gonna try to try my best! 
You see,It′s kinda hard to get me motivated!^〇^♪ 
My goals are always very clear however i never stick to my own plan and easily give myself excuses、 ≧Д≦;;
I watched Whispers of the Heart. Such a great slightly corny movie!
I made it through despite the English dubbing、 so thats a plus!
Snow melted away the last few days、 but maybe come back tomorrow.
Yet it is not snowing now...Its 2 am.
That′s 4 am in Australia.
My host mum is vacumning now、at this time.
I want to fix my body clock =3=
i keep sleeping after 11pm so always tired in the morning waking up at six.Winters here so i tend to go back under the covers!
I want to start going to sleep at 9.30 ish.
However、it dont wanna seem like I′m avoiding my host family.
Anyway、should probably sleep.
P.s Eskimos !

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I′m a weirdo?!?

Is there something wrong with my body?
Its about 0 degrees right now but really i dont feel cold.
I just walked by a running couple saying out loud、 ′さむい!′.
They were wearing earmuffs and puffy jackets.
Yet here I am in my baggy tartan blue mens shirt and a singlet underneath walking home at 5pm at night with melting snow surrounding me.
I think when I get home ill will warned about getting a cold again by my gran.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Morning

This morning i learnt that:
1. It seems that if have an umbrella、more snow seems to fall more you so dont bother.
2.I bit my toast subconciously into the map of Hokkaido. use tickets are super easy to lose

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I know i already wrote a snow post but it was just snowing lightly、around 3 cm.barely covering
anything!Now、just randomly woken up at 3.20 i heard a sound outside and open the curtain.
Its all fresh、thick and untouched.
I really wanna be the first one to walk outside.To leave the first footprints.
The bike and car is completly covered!
I cant wait to go outside!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Today、is the day that i first seen REAL snow fall from heaven!!!!
Little flakes are collected on my navy winter coat and my hands are freezing!
Nevertheless、it′s really magical≧▽≦!
Wow、i can′t wait until there is enough to take pictures of!Oh!and CHRISTMAS!
Now it is just falling ever so lightly:)

i hope it isn′t too cold in Australia and its getting warm.
And dear lovely mother stop pestering me about photos and i love you


I figure out how to post from my phone

However、i can only post short messages.

but here、a short summary of recent events.

Yesterday I changed host family.
Tonight and last night I had a strange new motivation which makes me study till late.
My new host family is great! And It only takes 30 mins to get to school〓

Today、I found out that two classmates I suppose I'm close to、 live nearby!

I'm also in love with a weird shop called Village Vanguard. There is many stores around Sapporo and its like hipster heaven. So awesome. It is called an 「Exciting Bookstore」♪ and honestly its balance of books and quirky items like lomography cameras、horse head masks and neon bright nordic man leggings is a bit off balance.
The books are so interesting too!There is a whole shelf of tattoo guidebooks at da last shop i went to. I really want to read some photography/photoshop tutorial books but shame I can't read it^^;

My school「well、the jap classes」in Australia is having their school trip in Tokyo now.
I hope they have fun even though I can't meet them.

k、typing with a mobile is truly meddlesome! Haha☆Its almost 11pm

bye and goodnight、

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yay, I finally got around to doing this!

Not exactly remembering what I've done nor what I wrote since the last post.
I've actually written up a different one but i lost my blog notebook so I cannot be bothered yet.
I swear I'll get around to it. When I get a proper place and time to sit and type. My posture is terrible due to being such a nerd at my computer all the time but at my current host family, there is not proper place to sit. The desk with Internet has a wobbly chair and I can only be there for one hour,
Thus, I must sit in my room on my bed. It's not exactly suitable so I give up on typing and just lie down and watch movies, anime or listen to Harry potter audiobooks, so sorry,sorry!
So into Harry Potter right now.
I move host family this Sunday to the director/chairperson/most important person of AFS Sapporo's house. She seems to be strict-looking but reportedly kind-hearted. She also lives with her mother and pet corgi. She also has a daughter who studies in Tokyo as an university student. I'm not sure about how often she comes home. However, I look forward to meeting them.

So...I'll try to keep it short.
19th October Wednesday:
I got a hair cut.
I looks a bit long at the front but its actually really short at the back. I love it!
The hairdresser was really nice and understanding and the shampoo time was amazing.
I know, it sounds heaps weird but it was so comfortable.
They put a small towel over my face and I presume its to cover the face from being wet and avoid the awkward 'where-should-I-look-should-look-up-at-the-blinding-light-or-should-I-just-close-my-eyes' situation.

21st October Friday:
Went to an elementary school with AFS helped with a special education class. I taught them 'G'day' in which was surprisingly difficult and stuff like that, played in the playground, look at pet rabbits, taught one to practice writing 'の' and ate lunch with them. I taken a liking to a little girl. She was so cute!
Afterwards, I hung out with my American (different from the one I mentioned in previous posts) at Tanuki-koji Street. It's really becoming a frequent hang out place for me. We went to an anime/manga store. It was hella weird! Haha~

22th October Saturday
pumpkin craving

25th October Tuesday
I got to finish school early due to lack of teachers, being at school trips to Honshu and Canada.
All the other AFS & Rotary friends (except one) are juniors or seniors so they all have their school trips too.
Lucky Bastards.
I don't get a school trip because I'm a first year. Lame. Not Cool. Ghey.
So taking advantage of this , my friend, Pachi (had a day off after the school trip grrr) and I hung Tanuki Koji.
Oh by the way Tanuki Koji literally means `Raccoon street` Arcade. Awesome place.
We went to a cafe, played some games at an arcade (Japanese arcades are fo-shizzle much better then Aussie one...pretty sure that is incorrect use of the words, Pfft,oh well.) and I bumped into 3 rotary kids! I was so surprised! I introduced them to each other and what not.
We chilled all together and went for purikura!

27th October Thursday
Presentation, music blah blah finish this part later,
Sung in the Car
the train

30th October Sunday

Halloween Party
vampire makeup
only little kids

3rd November Thursday
Fish market
Nakajima Park

5th November Saturday

Sapporo symphony orchestra.

6th November Sunday

salmon museum and Ramen shop
The best ramen is my life!

Friday, October 28, 2011

I made a video!~

So this is a video I made about Okonomiyaki so watch and enjoy! <3
I still writing up my blogpost, that will probably come up sometime next week! (>_<;)

The URL link://

K, bye,

Tiff xx

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wait, which week is it? 4 or 5?

Hey, hey,hey ;)
What up, kids?
I can't really remember much from the last two weeks but I rather not do so. 
Two noticeable,memorable events were the AFS Day two weeks ago Sunday and last Saturday, when I met up with some Rotary Kids.

AFS Day was pretty fun to be able to meet up with everyone in Sapporo and all around Hokkaido. Did a speech, had heaps of photos taken, talked a lot, exchanged email address for the mobiles which by the way as free text , so Woop woop! Thank you softbank!
After everything was over and done with, I went to Karaoke with the kids from Sapporo and some other people who were Japanese students.
I admit that I honestly dislike J-pop...and the girls sing that AKB48 song that has been on television ALL the FRAGGLE-ROCKIN time!!!
And they sing so high!
So I sung in alto. Woop, go me.
I ate dinner with my friend at Sapporo Station.
I had kitsune soba ;P
I got home on the last bus (T-T)

When I met the Rotary Kids, We watched this hiphop dance show.
Ate at Mister Donut.
I sort of half intruded on their meeting thing but yeah.
I don't really want to tell you guys the ending to the story but I finished the night with new friends.

Oh, I also had my sports festival and that lasted over Tuesday and Wednesday.
That was fun and tiring ^^
I played against three teams and got in the quarter finals for mini Futsal.
In the first game, I scored twice so Woop,woop! 

The second team really tired me out and it was super competitive!
It was my American friend from Rotary's class/team and Boy!
There was this one girl, a striker from class and the soccer club. I usually play defense.
The thing in Japan is that they are really passionate and work hard at what they do.
With sports you either comically really really bad or you are amazingly awesome and athletic!
And for some reason, everyone in the soccer club must cut their hair like a boy.
Wow, so she was amazing and had so many fans!
I ended up fighting over the ball with her!
I was like half screaming too!! (^ ^;)

There was a lot of shoulder barging and pushing between us which was really fun since I gotta act kind of delicate and quiet in class and try not to be my aggressive self around all the girls. It's already bad enough that I look like Coach Beiste (Glee) compared to them! Haha
Somehow, my class won and I think I give her a bruise but I indirectly apologized to her!!
 Third game I lost T_T
felt like crap but i was just really happy that my class and my team was cheering me on.

 The second day was for track and field.
I ran the 400m race and got third last ! haha, I was going against the soccer chick from before too!
The day was tiring despite doing nothing.

I also joinged my school's folk music club.

In the club it's divided into bands.
I'm with my friends from my class.
At the moment we have a vocalist/pianist, drummer, and two, YES two guitarists and I'm filling in for bass.
But...everyone doesn't actually know how to play music except for me and the vocalist...
We have a christmas concert in December so I'm gonna whip them into shape!
We are playing a pop song though...I want FOLK!! @_@
Anyway the song is called 'Arigatou'. 

Anyway, thats life in Japan.


Saturday, September 24, 2011


Okay, I swear.
I will finish the blogs and what not!
Its just been so busy lately and I haven't got a clear mind.
I'm so lazy~~
But yeah, check out my story, Week 5 Wednesday.

Please understand my frustration.

Love you and good night!

Week 5

Howdy there, everyone.
I wonder who are my audience…
Australian, Japanese or various exchange students.

Day 31: Sunday 18th September

Day 32: Monday 19th September

I was woken by my alarm and thought I would take a small nap to rest a few minutes more, but when I woke again it was 7:30! I though that I was completely and utterly late so I shouldn't bother going to school since the bus is so infrequent. I dawdled towards Okaasan to tell her of my woe but it was Apparently, Respect Your Elders Day, A national holiday to celebrate your grandparents.
I didn't do much the rest of the day besides going to the 100 yen shop and drug store to buy some stuff to study Japanese and play Super Mario with my little bro.

Day 33: Tuesday 20th September

Today was my friend, Kagome's birthday.
We also celebrated my other classmate/friend's birthday which was last Saturday.
I also received my new timetable.
6 free periods, whoo!~
I rode the train with some friends.
Pretty normal school day I guess.
When I arrived home, I chilled about and after dinner, I played Super Mario again this time being for a longer time. I was pretty determined to beat my little bro in something. He plays a lot and replays levels a lot.
Must defeat him and his 8 year old-ness. Haha.

Day 34: Wednesday 21st September

I had a bad start to the day...
I was on my on my usual bus, sitting at the very back as the sign of my obvious power and status *sarcasm*

 I looked for my wallet but it wasn't there so I had to get off the next stop. Walked/ran to the bus stop again and call my host mother to ask to bring my wallet. She said okay, and I was frantically waiting. The next bus came and I went to the front and asked the driver to wait a bit longer. I was just waiting waiting but she didn't come. Usually the walk is just 3 minutes but she decided to take her car.
I couldn't hold it up any longer so I missed that one too.
I got a call to go home first.
Got Home.
Got another call to walk outside to find her.
You know that awkward moment when you are far away and walk towards someone and you don't know where to look? 
I arrived before her and realized she crashed her car...
Oh the misfortune.
The bumper is now off...
Well, I waited with her as she fill out police form thingy and I receive my cursed wallet. I finally took the bus and I think old ladies were watching me sleep but I was so whatever.
I strolled to school after the since I was late anyway. I drown out the bad thoughts with the beauty of music. I brought Jasmine tea and cream bun for breakfast ever though I already ate a strawberry jam and margarine toast and a glass of milk.
I snuck in to the school through the teachers entrance so I took off my shoes and ran to the other side of the building in my socks!
Haha funny.
Had fun helping out with English.
:O i just realized I write my commas different now.

Free period~ boring but when on Internet.
Bible- sung a hymn
Long Homeroon- Got put in Mini futsal for the sports festival ,so I'm in that and 400m race.
Reading~ Geronimo Stilton Again haha.

Day 35: Thursday 22nd September
 English~ I napped.
History~ Meh
Two Free Periods~ uploaded pictures onto Facebook and studied Japanese in library with Claudia.

Day 36: Friday 23rd September
Day 37: Saturday 24th September
Played soccer with my bro and stuff.
Nothing much.

Week 4

Day 24: Sunday 11th September
Local orientation
Walk around
Lost my camera
Police Call

Day 25: Monday 12th September
Claudia to Odori Park
Talk and lunch
I pretty much stayed there until late

Got tired from so much free time

Day 26: Tuesday 13th September
Again. I stayed in the park for a really really long time. Just hours and hours of people, this time I didn't have a choice in wheather I could go home earlier or not because I forgot to ask for the key. I didn't want to go home and find I can't go in.
White foreigners.
Got home and pretty much was lazy.

Day 27: Wednesday 14th September

After two periods,
I went to Oodori Park and got changed into casual clothes.
Ice cream
Sapporo station

Day 28: Thursday 15th September

Finally able to talk to everyone in my class again. They finished their exams and we can together again for lunch.
In music, we finished the end of 'The Sound of Music', we sang 'Memory' from the musical, 'CATS' and I borrowed a recorder.
When they sang 'Memory', it was actually quite hard for me. They all sing from their throat in high pitch and somewhat little voice. No projection at all. Somehow, I had to tone down and sing at the same volume. Surprising difficult.
Met up with my guidance person and Claudia to discuss about our timetables. As  of next week, I don't take any bloody maths at all! Forever! Once again…FOREVER!!!
Take that, Mathematics!
I had hot cocoa at the bus stop.
I just love how I can get a good hot drink in a can from a vending machine with little social interaction from as little as approximately $1.50 (120 yen).

Day 29: Friday 16th September

Day 30: Saturday 17th September

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Apologies, Dear Minions

I'm way too tired today even though I slept heaps.
So I'm gonna post the blog sometime during next week but write it up at home.
The keyboards are hard to use in the school computer rooms...@_@
Oh well.

Um, i still miss my own bed hahaha

bye, Tiffx

Friday, September 9, 2011

Week Three!

So this is week three!~
I realized that I haven't spoken to a teenage boy in almost three weeks.
I wonder if it be like this for the rest of my stay excluding AFS meet ups.
It's not like I want to hook up or flirt and all that sappy things, but I'm curious with what would happen with this absence. 
I hope you enjoy reading my rambling so,

Day 16: Saturday 3rd September
I slept for 12 hours, from 2am to 2pm :)
I wrote out my last two posts.
After that, I just went on the Internet for about two hours before talking a bath.
Just chatting with friends and mother.

Day 17: Sunday 4th September
I woke up for breakfast at around 8:00.
Couldn't find my wallet and caused a ruckus in my room.
After I found it, Okaasan, Issa & I went to Aeon, the Japanese version of myer.
I bought some stuff for school such as a bag, bento boxes and pencil case, It was all Alice in Wonderland/United Kingdom themed!
My bento box, chopsticks, 2 pens & pencil case on them! So cute ^^
My plaid backpack with it's crown and union jack badges are pretty awesome too!~~~
I also reserved a camera to buy which is a Fujifilm fine pix f550exr. It's just $229 Aussie dollars :P
For dinner we had what's kind of like a combined 'Pepper Lunch'. We had Australian Lamb and Canadian Beef for meat, udon and bean sprouts :)
Watched Lucky Star and Rozen Maiden until 11.
I stopped knowing that I had school the next day but I couldn't sleep from over thinking!!

Day 18: Monday 5th September
And by late I mean, 6:30, I have to leave the house at 7pm to catch the bus.
Unconsciously, as unconvincing as it seems, made me skirt too high xP
I got told off :3
In culture, we had a test in English about the history and use of hiragana, katakana and kanji, I don't think I went too good :P
In PE, we played table tennis again.
Lunch, just sitting in class with my new bento set. :D
During Kokugo, I went to the computer room to 'research'. Trying to find out which side of the pathway to walk on. It's been puzzling me a lot :P
I couldn't go on check email because the Internet browser was too low of quality.
English~ I did another test.
After school, I was chilling in the classroom for an hour or so, waiting for my friend to finish cleaning so we can walk together to the train station.
I was drawing pictures on the board with the others.
When I was walking home from the bus stop, the wind was so strong that instead of using an umbrella, I just ran laughing like a madman  until the wind around me weakened and became calm.
In the last few weeks of Australia, I gained a surprising amount of weight that even my oblivious brother noticed. I'm glad to say I lost weight :D from cardio videos with limited amount of food, walking, saving money and doing cardio videos with Okaasan with is actually pretty funny haha
Not that you care, but I had to write it >:3

Day 19: Tuesday 6th September
I woke up earlier than I need, so I blissfully relaxed in my be. When I went downstairs, Okaasan was watching the news. Apparently, it was a report on the crazy weather here. They were showing live footage of the river that my bus goes past. When I actually was there in the bus watching I though it looked pretty intense.
I swear there was a shed in the water.
I arrived at school bought a 'creamy cocoa', a yummy 'popper-box'(it that what you call it in English?) drink with a nostalgic taste.
It was also my friend's birthday, but I had no idea...
My English test was handed back and I got 22/50 @V@ teehee
The history teacher had a very dramatic entrance into the room.
Wrote this blog post in my notebook~~~
We were supposed to have bible study next but because we have heavy rain and typhoon, we got the rest of the day off.
I was actually looking forward for lunch because I was really hungry but the girls were really happily screaming and what not.
I was walking to the train station with some others but they needed to go to study at somebody's house so we went separate ways.
I didn't want to go with them because I'll end up doing nothing and just went home as usual since I didn't want to spend any money.
I arrived home, sang really loudly (since I can't make much noise in such a small house with others are here) and went on the Internet.
I went to Okaasan's English class.
Finished watching Rozen Maiden, seasons 1 and traumend.
Wrote up a list of my spending.

Day 20: Wednesday 7th September
Had strawberry jam toast.
English~  16/30 for a culture test. ;D
Survival English- pretty fun for an English lesson.
Plus, I had a wonderful idea come to mind about my university studies and future.
Many teachers were playing with the toy I found last week.
I didn't know what to do with it so I put it up the front of the homeroom.
During Japanese History, I don't know why but I had the strangest strong urge to play Age of Empires.
So hungry!
I went to a computer room to chill and watch youtube videos.
Reaing~ read more Geronimo Sliton Books.

Day 21: Thursday 8th September
The Day started with me waking up and packing my lunch, nothing unusual.
Homeroom~ Wondering…What's that thing when collectors someone around with a bag and people donate money after praying to God?
Waited for English to start so I napped.
Couldn't wait to do music.
English~ Sensei was being annoyed by a bug flying around and he killed it.
Afterwards he said 'Sorry~, Mr Fly'. Well something along those lines but in Japanese of course. Lol.

Japanese History~ I swear I napped for 20 mins. Everyone was just doing some self study although they were main just chatting with each other and the teacher.
Music~ After they had their alto recorder test, we watched the Sound of Music again.
Can't really remember much of what happened after Lunch.
…Oh well :D

Day 22: Friday 9th September
On this day, the exams started for everyone else so I had two periods of Japanese in the morning with my teacher and the other exchange student, Claudia.
After the lesson, we could apparently go home. I didn't know about it but I just walked with Claudia to the train station and we talked a lot.
She is an upperclassman so I don't see her much.
Most of the time, we just stay in the same level, same building because we don’t have to change classes.
I decided that I should get my camera so I quickly went home and went back out it catch a bus again.
So walking to and from is three minutes and I rushed everything at home in 5 mins.
I walked out in my boots, all untied and everything and I put any ol thing on so I looked like a mess.
I just walked around in the shopping centre for a bit, got my camera, and being a cheapskate by eating my bento that I was supposed to have for school in the food court and drank the free water. Like a pro.
when I was walking out to go my bus stop, I saw a 'skanky' lady holding a baby but crouching on the ground and she looked at me with eyes that said 'oh crap'.
Now I wonder, did she drop her baby?

Day 23: Sat 10th September

I was told to wake up at 10 but I woke up at 8 ish. I didn't have anything to do and nobody was home :/
Um, just writing this blog and I don't plan to do anything else really.
Tomorrow I'm going to the local orientation for AFS though.
Trying to not spend any money because I overspent this week even excluding the camera. :/

Yeah, week three, wooo~.
Hm. Yep, I'm done.
Look forward to next week!

Tiff x

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Okay this is the beginning of part 2.
If you haven't read part 1, scroll down.
Okay, Hajimemashou!

Day 11: Monday.

I wore punk-like boots to school.
In such a sensible school uniform, it's safe to say I looked like an idiot.
First lesson was 'culture' and basically we learnt Japanese culture in English. We learnt how to explain how to make an origami crane in English. It's for their trip next year to America.
For P.E. we played table tennis.
I found out that the Japanese History teacher was very comical. Of course, I couldn't understand him but the class seemed really interesting and he talks and moves about like Nigahiga! Haha.

Going back home, I had a little rouble and wound up in a park again.
I saw this oldish American guy and asked him where the bus stop was.
Due to my 'perfect' English and Japanese school uniform, he took off his cap and raised his bushy eyebrows ridiculously high!
Thankfully, he showed me the direction.
I couldn't sleep, there was weird noises in the night.
I'm terribly afraid of the evil Japanese spirits.
Such as Sadako, from the Grunge.
I mean I love 'Gegege no Kitaro', 'Natsume Yuujinchou', 'Pom Poko", 'Spirited Away' with all those wonderful Japanese spirits.
It's just the scary ones I don't like, like the ones which pop their heads out sideways, from a different dimension with really long tongues or necks and pale skin.

Day 12: Tuesday
I had Japanese history and English for period 1 and 2.
Period 3 was Bible Study. We sung a hymn ( well, at I tried to) and the teacher/the school chaplain was so serious.
Although sometimes, out of the blue for me, he made these high-pitched voices like in old kids maybe 80s anime, when he was talking about a biblical story about a family. He was voicing the disagreement between a father and son.
During Kokugo and culture, the class had a test, so I stayed in a computer room writing out some ofthe last blog post.
I arrived home around 6-ish, and I helped my Okaasan's students with English.

Day 13: Wednesday
Changed my school shoes from boots to sneakers.
'Survival English' yet another lesson to prepare for their trip next year was interesting.
The teacher, the only Australian English teacher, was peculiar mannerisms that I took interest in and tried to think of the best actor to describe it and match up.
I saw a bit of bit of the school dean from Community and Jim Carrey in the mix somewhere, haha.
Japanese History!
Lunch~ I was sitting with some nice girls just eating my bento and some other girl came up to me with a CD. She was all crazy and hysterical (a lot of my classmates are like that haha) and it seemed like she was afraid to come too near for some unknown reason. Kagome, my classmate said the girl want to know if I knew the singers. It was a Vocaliod CD, a singers basically completely made by a computer which included the 'digital idols' with robotic high pitched voices. A famous 'digital idol', Hatsune Miku is part of this and her costume is frequently  seen in many anime conventions as cosplay.
'Reading' ~
I read two 'Geronimo Sliton' books (used to LOVE those fabumouse books, haha so cheesy!!!) , which was placed as the highest level of reading level.
Everyone else read level 0 or 1-baby books but I guess it must be really hard for them.

I had to do cleaning at the end of school so I missed the 16:18 bus. Thinking the next one will be an hour later, I stayed at school a bit longer talking to classmates and playing a bit of piano.
When I arrived at the station, I realized the bus was at 17:38 so a had to wait for half an hour in uncomfortable seats.
I bought some milk tea and a magazine, Zipper which has fashion, DIY and makeup tips. Although, it was fashion I think I would only see in strange places like Harajuku or Newtown.
Helped in Okaasan's English classes again…this time, I turned up in pjs.

Day 14: Thursday

I'm tired. I still haven't gotten used to the bedroom I'm in.
I find it hard to be sleepy, despite being so tired physically.
I decided to post everything I must find the 8 pages I wrote into 2 posts.

Japanese History~
Art or Music~
The class had to spilt in two to go into one of the choices.
I choose music and it was super fun.
We watched "The Sound of Music" and I also sung some English songs for them from the book they had.
In their music book, they have 'A Whole New World' in English and Japanese. As expected, it's not a literal translation. Instead of singing ' a whole new world' in Japanese, they actually have "おおぞら”, which means 'Big Sky'...
They also all have to learn how to sing and play recorder.
I like it though.

Ate lunch, played some songs on piano in the homeroom.
There is an upright piano in almost every homeroom!
The music room has two grand pianos, so the idea of a piano duel taking place in completely possible. Haha.
So hot @_@!

Everyday, I must endure sweat and heat in a long sleeved shirt and long length, which I now roll up like many other girls so I show I bit of my knees. LOL, I'm such a skank! Haha. Still, it's not out fault it's so ridiculously long.
Japanese~ learnt about money.
Maths~ I realized the teacher, an old man, was wearing sandals with heel with socks.
Survival English~ Went to the front to help the teacher with learning about hometown.

I had a lot of time in Oodori, because my bus pretty much comes onces a hour.
So, I went to Maccas to see if they had any wi-fi ( they didn't =_=), a branch for Kinokuniya and some beauty- based pharmacy, something starting with the letter K.
Bought some strawberry milk (100 yen). It was so damn sweet!!

Day 15: Friday
While walking from the train station to school, I didn't have an umbrella and it was raining lightly, so I though yeah, I'll be alright.
I was half way there and luckily, my classmate shared her umbrella with me, just before the rain fell heavily. However, because it was so small, my left sleeve was drenched and her right sleeve too!
I walked into the class, and someone told me my shirt zipper was undone.
The zipper is on the side and goes all the way up, just passing my main bra strap.
I was wondering why so many creepy men were watching me.

We went to 'Chapel' and I did a speech along with the other American exchange student.
English, I just chilled and hung back.
Home economics, i helped cook boiled fish in miso and some sort of pudding.
The girls in my group couldn't cut the fish so i did and gutted it and what not.
The girls were like "Umai~, Ti-fu"

So that was like two lunches, but then the next period was PE.
Why?? After eating that much!
We did high jump.
I was so nervous! haha
The teacher was also bald.
I don't know why but so many teachers have no hair...

I walked to the station after school with a couple friends.
There said, after the exams, they want to go karaoke with me :)

Okay, that's enough for now.
I'll post again in a week or so.

A run down through my time thus far in Sapporo

Hello Everyone!
Sorry about not posting much, but the internet or computer use is quite limited in my host family's home.
I've been quite content here though so don't worry.
Since I arrived, it has been quite eventful.
So much that at the end of the day, I can't find the energy to type.
Even if I did have free time, I sleep or watch anime in bed.
Now, I'm not homesick but I do miss my friends and family…and bed…very much.
Everyday has been quite humid too.
Just so you know, it has been a week to write about everything on paper during classes where I don't have any time.
I apologize if it has any mistakes because I’m writing all of this in one sitting.

PLUS, im going to put up pictures with this soon. But not until a bit later so sorry if some of the words don't make sense because they come with a picture.

Okay, Hajimemashou!
Day 4: MondayBreakfast.
Said goodbye to everyone else in my group and some other peeps too.
Went to Haneba Airport via bus.
Took some pictures and talked to the person next to me.
 Ate food from common convenience store, Lawson. (I swear its like everywhere @_@)
Found some people going to the Osaka area.
Just chilling, eating my tonkatsu chicken sandwich, anman and Calpis water with other people going to Hokkaido and an Aussie going to Osaka with an ukulele.
Took pictures together and la di dah.
Lined up and went through the scanning thingy.
Went to the gate and waited.
Saw a POKEMON plane!
Said bye to the two peeps who were going to the far north of Hokkaido, pictures, pictures, pictures and then boarded the plane.

So there I was, window seat, 'something a rather' A, with everyone going to Sapporo.
Watched Pokemon, took pictures, talked and looked through the plane's magazine.
It was probably just two hours.
When we were just about to arrive in Sapporo, we were flying above the city and below the clouds, we saw so much green! Green patches of land, most in rectangular shapes. The boy beside me from Columbia commented that it was the first time we saw the sun since arriving in Japan.
In the distance, we saw many mountains and a lake, shining from the water's reflection. It really looked like a beautiful city. Everyone was extremely excited when we landed and we saw many signs with our names, welcoming us as we were waiting for out luggage. One of the girls started crying too.
When we met them, we had some group photos and went off to our separate ways.

With my host family, the Miyakoshi's, We went to a sushi train for dinner.
It was so delicious! I had shrimp miso soup, green tea and all sorts of sushi such as raw scallop, raw beef with raw quail eggs and many other raw stuff with rice and seaweed :P
During he car trips to and from, I sat in the back with my Okaasan (word is jap for mother/host mother) and talked a lot.
I arrived home and generally slept a lot.
Day 5: Tuesday
I think I registered with the city hall or something, I had to wait for a super duper long time!
Sooooo bored so I made this!
When it was FINALLY over, Okaasan and I went to an Italian buffet.
I had two plates of savoury foods and one plate of sweets, a bowl of onion soup and Calpis soda.
Bought navy socks for school.

Day 6: Wednesday
On Wednesday, we were preparing for my welcoming party! Everybody is from my host mother's English tutoring lessons so there were 3 to junior high school age!
I stayed at home for most of the day by myself though.
Okaasan prepared curry, but I forgot to eat it.
I slept a lot!
During this time alone, I walked out ti the nearby 100 yen shop, and about some stuff to help me settle in such as slippers, face towel and etc.
As I was walking home, saw some soccer fields and watched for about 5 minutes.
Okaasan arrived home from work but she needed to go out again to prepare food.
My host brother was playing outside with a friend that kept staring at me like I'm some sort of freak.
My neighbors happen to be my host father's parents.
When I was outside, I tried to use my limited Japanese. I was trying my best and attempted to explain to Ojiisan (grandfather) that I could speak much Japanese but I could listen okay to understand to gist of things.
With limited words, limited Japanese, I had to rely on body language.
So there I was, waving my arms about like a madman. Obaasan (grandmother) comes out and I hear Ojiisan say "...日本語ぜんぜんわかんない…" @_@ which means she absoultly doesn't understand Japanese.
They were really nice though.
I tried to talk about the garden and they grow various folwers and veggies likr orchids, tomatoes and 'daikon'. I took pictures and they invited me in to their home to eat freshly cooked corn. I tried to turn down their offer but they didn't understand. So I was eating half a cob of corn, drinking tea, knowing that I would eat sooon at the party.
The party was fun too! My 'tallness' towered over all 25 kids and Okaasan!
I was interesting for me to introduce myself, answer their questions and hear them speak in such adorable English.
We ate Bento boxes from Hotto Motto and drank bottled tea.
I took some pictures with them and what not.
Very Cute! ^^
Day 7: ThursdayI practised going to school with Okaasan.
When we arrived, I met with my LP (Liason Person) and we got the school uniform.
It's cute, but obviously not on me, and only me.
The skirt is long and below my knees and the shirt is short and baggy with long sleeves and you can't a waist line at all.
I look so awkward in it.
Still I'm pretty sad that it is just a rental and at the end, I have to give it back.
I also met my 'guidance' person, an American English teacher.
Ah, I can't remember much.

Day 8: Friday
Well,, Okaasan went with me.
In other parts of Japan, their sumer break isn't over yet but in Hokkaido, it is shortened because of all the snow in winter. The school can't open so the winter break is lengthier. I think this semester, I have 20 weeks of school…No autumn holidays…@_@
Oh well.
ANYWAYS! I went through the teacher's entrance because I didn't know where the students Genkan was.
Did a Jikoshokai (self introduction) in front of teachers. I stuffed up a bit, but it got passed off as 'cute' so meh.
I went to my homeroom, had my skirt length checked and read a book.

1st period, we had what's called 'Chapel'.
Basically, in their hall, we listened to people talk about God*,read verses from the bible*, prayed * and sung a hymn*. (*in Japanese)
The kanji in the lyrics had hiragana above it so I survived. There was a girl playing the on the organ so yeah, 'twas mildly interesting.
So! I then had English, Kokugo (basically hard Japanese), Maths, Lunch, Home economics and a Japanese special lesson which is a one-on one for me, then we had PE, which was Dodge ball.

In English, we were in what's called Callroom 1.
They had to write about what they wanted to do in the future, then record it and send it to the 'student resources' I guess.
Of course, I did it in Japanese!

Well, It was time to go home, so I put on my 'way-too-tiny' shoes, walked to the train station and got the train, ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!

I was in the wrong direction to go out of the train station, didn't properly know how to find my bus stop, going way, way, way beyond it and I was getting tired from my first day of school, my feet got blisters from my small tight shoes WITH heels and I was getting ready to give up.
Luckily, the school principal was driving by and he found me. He drove me home and told me how he understands the difficulties of being an exchange student be he studied in Germany for a couple years. It was funny because sometimes he didn't know a word in English and say it in German and he would sometimes say 'nien'!
Day 9 & 10: Weekend
I watched Issa, my little host brother's karate lesson/
Slept in a lot.
Super lazy.
We also went to the shopping center.
Can't remember much.
Okay, that's the end of Part One!
That equals to 19 songs approximately 3 minutes so around 57 minutes of typing.
Gah, my back hurts.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Being Lazy (^0^)/ (un finished)

Hey guys :D
I'm here!
But not for long, I gotta go soon so yeah.

I realised how bad 'In Sapporo Insanity' sounded and found out it would make more sense as 'Insanity in Sapporo'.
The lameness is still there but neh.
I've uploaded more photos to facebook, so those who are my fb friends, go check it out.

Day 2:
Woke up really early.
Had breakfast and
Said goodbye to Josh.
Toook a bus to go to have an orientation in a school in Tokyo for everyone going being in the Tokyo area.
(got caught taking a quick nap xP)
Got put into groups by the contry, so i was in Group One, with other Australians and New Zealanders.
Got to walk around a block in Tokyo, saw a shire (one in the film 'Memoirs of a Geisha'), I got purified and I prayed for luck.
Had a strawberry jam and margarine bun and water for lunch back in the school cafeteria.
Got onto the bus again to a different hotel
Got individual rooms *bliss*
Had Dinner.

Day 3:
I think everyone stayed in the hotel for the whole day so pretty much I was walking around in hotel slippers. lol.
The other 'Australian' arrived- but she was actually British and because there wasn't anything AFS in the UK she asked AFS Australia to be a part of it.
Breakfast- there was Nattou!!!!!!
It was gross and tasted like bad stinky cheese.
Did some group work~
Q & A session.
Closing Ceremony w/ a Talent show and speaking corner (improv speech about your goals in Japan and stuff).
I sung "When Sunny Gets Blue".
I was supposed to be first but I got nervous and forgotten the lyrics! haha
so I got to go 2nd last.
Did a speech as well, but I pretty sure I was rambling.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Evening Events of the 19th.

Okay, I do realize that yesterday's account of my time was a bit time mis-matched.
But meh.
You'll understand.

So now AFTER the wee hours of morning is done, that;s over. Here's to the arrival to night to present time.

So I had a few unwanted unfortunate series of events happen before I got off the plane from Australia but after releasing the problem 45 minutes prior to the landing, I felt much better and then I went from a grumpy bum to a happy kiddy.

I had thus reached Hong Kong!
The airport was so confusing and humid.
Josh got a random temperature check via ear too.
While we were trying to find the shops, we walked EVERYWHERE with interesting-ness and gates, until realizing with had to go through someone who checks papers, to get to the escalator to go up.
We roam around the shops, took pictures of the odd contrast out the window of airport-meets-mountains, then plopped down to rest.
I went to look at the shops for a drink, but let's face it, I really really wanted to spend some HK money.
I buy food and a Sprite at a place called Louisana Pop-something a rather.
It was $55 Hong Kong dollars which is actually pretty damn cheap.

$100 HK = $12 Australia Bucks.
I was looking out the balcony and watched people pass by until I spotted some yellow tags hanging on the luggage of four people and yelled out 'AFS!', much to the disbelief of my Sydney Sideing AFSers.
Well, We find out that they are from Melbourne, on the same trip to Japan!
One guy brought an ukulele and harmonica.
Sweet as, brah~

We walked to our gate after more chillaxing and waited to get on the plane, to our wondrous destination...日本!
I ended up sitting next to Brittany again and surprising I was able to take a few naps.
I got a window seat so I took a lot of photos.
I was just a 4 1/2 hour trip in the day, so I was okay.
I watched a bit of a doco about Liverpool Modern Day Gypsies.
Totally retarded.
Little girls taught to do proactive dances.

So I switched the channel to the airline moving map with additional stats and whatnot, watched it for the next hour and a half, sleeping in between now and then
and playing Angry Birds.
When I looked out the window, most of the time, it was just fluffy clouds.
I had to lower the shade because of the Sun reflecting upon it.
When we were getting closer, I stared out the window.
The plane lowered as it was getting closer to the airport.
I was so happy because I saw the clouds slowly disappear and I saw blocks to green grass, a couple house and the shore. Even the music playing in the background, matched up perfectly, providing the soundtrack to my triumph emotions.

Meeting the AFS Volunteers at the Airport

Right now, it still feels really weird that now, I'm here.
The hotel which I took a bus to with AFS volunteers' help, Narita Nikko Hotel.
It doesn't feel so much that I'm here, writing this post in Japan unless I look out the window from my room or walk into the toilet.
Yes... it has an おしり spray…with a 'Bidet' option for the ladies.
Don't worry, I'm too scared to use it.

My bus buddy from Melboure

But yeah, feels just like Sydney at the moment.
We had a giant buffet dinner with EVERYONE who is staying in Japan with AFS. EVERYONE, I say.
From all of the different countries.
But the language everyone spoke was English.
So yeah, comfy.

One of the first of many Vending machines.

My room mate is my fellow blogger, Birgitte with her blog, Birgitte i Japan. (in Norwegian)
She is also going to Hokkaido.
So everyone going to Hokkaido has one night less of staying in the hotel, so we can get to our host families or something. It wasn't really explain properly.
They gave everyone different colour ribbons, blue, red and green and Blue people were just given order and we just have to follow.

Oh yay, we have to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow.
However, I'm still pretty happy I have a bed.
K, love you guys.
Tiff x
P.s I know it was supposed to be short and quick but how could I ever narrow it down?