Thursday, December 16, 2010

Summer Holidays and Relative Friend issues

Now it's the summer and school's over for the year.
But, Australian 'bi-polar' weather...I cringe.
It's either sizzling hot or depressingly raining.

Well, I was going to make little cube crafts but the printer isn't working and I look too tired to go out and do anything. I got invited to a Christmas party for this afternoon but I haven't reply and I don't really know the people there because they are in the year below me. I made friends with some of them because of the possibility of repeating a school year and I know their siblings and blah, blah, blah. I want to go but 4pm-11.30pm? I'm a panda, I need my sleep~

I'm alone at home with my brother and we are both bored as hell.
Both just chilling, on the computer and hungry but not bothered to get up to make anything.
My mother called up to tell me to send a resume to the AFS office for volunteer work in the office.
I have so many excuses but argh, she will probably chop me up.

Just in case you don't care about my home life.

Call me impatient but I leave on the 25th of March.
So far away...Many people I know has left during December or leaving in January and I miss them.The AFS camps last from 6pm on a Friday to 2pm on a Sunday, but I made so many friends.I liked sitting around the camp fire and just talking about random things without any awkward silences and I wish it was longer. Sometimes I try to talk to some of them, but something isn't right. Hopefully, The next camp I go to everyone will be there and there is no problems. However, it's probably going to be in 2012.

I'm in Japan between that time so I hope i can make many close friends on my program.
It has been said, by my last camp leaders, that you will very likely lose some friends at school when you get back but I'm not particularly close to anyone and I will know who cares about me so I guess that's fine. Your friends at school will welcome you back but they haven't experienced what you have gone through and sooner or later, they will get bored/jealous of your stories. Apparently.
I don't really know since I'm still in Australia.
It seems kind of off putting but it's for the best and that is nothing compared to your exchange.
I'm just keeping it real!

It's a once in a lifetime experience and it makes up for everything.
It has it's equal amount of good and bad situations but that's is what makes you grow and learn.
If you expect happiness throughout the exchange, you are probably ill prepared and think it's like a holiday or an escape from your parents. In some ways, yes, but your organisation and host family replace your parents and they are probably equal/more protective. However, if you deal with no problems throughout the exchange, you are one lucky bitch.

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