Saturday, December 18, 2010

Love issues...*bleh*

Hey guys & girls.

An issue you probably will deal with is the complications of love.
Before, During, and After your exchange trip.
One-sided or with your sweetheart.
Ew, right?
Just the word 'love' is hard to say.
I'm just a kid, what can I say. xD
However, you probably thought about it right?
It's going to be down-right dayum-straight difficult.
With whenever situation your in, use some logic and think it out.
I know, I know.
"You're just a fifteen year chick, what would you know? You haven't even been on the exchange trip yet!"
Well, I'm just using my noodle and it's my opinion and advice I have learnt from others. Don't like what I say? 
A wise man (Jason Mraz) said "And it takes no time to fall in love

But it takes you years to know what love is"
So don't think you know what you are really doing because, young grasshopper, you are probably incorrect
Don't be rash or whatever...will you two even be together let alone talk to each other in 5 years time? Will your teenage relationships matter? Will you regret how it all got in the way of your exploring/learning experience? Keep those questions in mind and branch off them if you can. Anyhow, let's carry on.
*mystical sounds*
Let explore some scenarios...

1. Requited Love in your home country.
You like a guy/girl at school but haven't done anything about it.
My opinion is to not tell them and just wait.
You could met someone new mega foxy/hawt on your exchange that tickles your fancy and your feelings for that other person could be long gone.
Unless you are 100% sure you can trust them, I think you should ride solo.

2. You have a girlfriend/boyfriend in you home country
You guys just have to trust each other.
However, if you are not so serious about each other, either go with the flow or ride solo.
You can't really expect them to stay loyal, not matter how in love you think you are because love is blind.

3. You have a crush on someone, in your host country.
Sure. Go ahead. Get that sexy person. xP :D
However, what will happen when you go back home?
Are you still together or is it a spur of the moment thing?
Is the balance of feeling towards each other okay?
You certainly don't want to break someones heart when you casually break it off before you leave.
Is s/he playing with you because your the foreign kid and they gain popularity?

~(Did you know: if you are a foreigner male,you lucky bastard, you get all the ladeezz in Japan no matter how you look! If you are a chick, the guys are probably scared of you and are too shy. Yeah, kinda sucks but hey, maybe you'll get lucky). Definately, don't get it on with any of your host family members cuz you might get a yummy mummy or sugar daddy! XD I just disturbed myself.

These are only some of the situations. and I'm sure there is more.
Just don't get preggers and always use protection.
Hee-Hee...but seriously.
Plus, don't trust yourself with a gun even if your host father's fav hobby is hunting.
I know stories, but I won't ramble.
Maybe some other time.

Personally, I'll try my best to steer away from romance.
I want to as much of Japan as I can.
It's not like I don't like boys and romance, but it's doesn't top my priority.
Well, I'll try because force of love>force of gravity.
I hope you are enjoying these blogs and they'll come handy.

Bye :3,


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so following you! (Okay, well that didn't sound creepy at all... LOL) You have some really hilarious posts and some good information to go along with them. Love it! 8D

  2. haha thanks ^^
    i'm glad you like it >w<