Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear you

Hey readers,This is to you. Past (unlikely), present and/or future.

I would like to write my blog to inform and entertain all. I know, now as I type, the page views are quite few. However, with time, I hope I can gain more gradually as I actually go to Japan, come back and what not. There is not much, I can provide for you, but I'm trying my best. Although, my blood belong to my Chinese parents, I was born and lived in Australia for the past 15 years, without leaving the country (Yes, I never been overseas before...). Therefore, I will experience everything freshly and despite my acceptance, I'll still probably get a cultural shock.
The key is to expect the unexpected.
Sure, I'll write about all the typical Japan aspects but I will give you the honest truth.

To those who are looking forward for a student exchange trip in the close future/currently on student exchange program, I hope whatever I write will apply to you and you will enjoy this. I would like to assist others as I believe that being on a student exchange program is a one-in-a-life time experience. Those from Australia would know that we have the troubles of the School Cert and HSC, which in short, pain in the arse and if you have parents like mine, you would know that, they don't want you to miss out on your education. However, being hosted in a country, no matter where you are or how long you stay, is sometimes hard to come across as you finish school and you really have to learn to appreciate what you shall go on. As I am on a full scholarship of JENSEYS year program, I'm extremely grateful and I wish to learn a lot to take full advantage. Some of you were prepared by reading some papers and general guidelines, however, I searched above and beyond the Internet and attend camps, and yet...I don't feel ready.
So I'm summing up all I've really learnt and putting it on here, so you guys have a shortcut.
If you start a blog or vlog (video blog), anyone, please tell me, no matter which country you are going to. I'm eager to communicate with other students globally and learn about what you learn.

If you are going to/currently in Japan for exchange, I hope I can give you ideas as to what you want to do in Japan and you can suggest things to do while I'm there. I'm interested in others prefectures and what makes each of them different.

For those just looking forward to travelling in Japan, you are welcome to read about my personal experience with the Japanese culture. Please leave any suggestions/questions for what to try via comment on the post or email me.

Distant future readers,

Thank god, this isn't quite dead yet, ha! I'm sure blogs will be wiped out as technology advances but whatever. I'm not comfortable with my lazy appearance due to the summer break to do any vlogs.

My friends and family, I'll be fine and you guys better take care of yourselves.
Mum, don't you dare cry when I go.
Bwahaha, Patrick! Leaving the dishes to you for a year! >:D
Bronte, Sorry for not physically being there for you but I <3 you. :]

Bitches, Finally some escape from your evils. Tiff:1, Poopyheads:0. Yeah, I went there. >:D
I'll miss you all (that's a lie >:D)

My experience meter...
BUT don't worry, as time passes, I'll reach the next level! *cough* I mean, go to Japan.

One more sleep until Christmas but meh. Every year its the same thing and yer. After a Christmas lunch, We just go home and eat a pretty normal dinner.
I'll probably still be able to write a blog.
Maybe on the choice of country.

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